Friday, 15 July 2016

Top 5 Bath Toys

We love bath time in our house and have lots of exciting toys.

But here are five of our favourites that are always getting played with!

1) Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy
A purple floating octopus with three rings to toss and hook onto the tentacles. We have lots of fun trying to throw the rings on, although James can only place them on at the moment. He likes to play with this out of the bath too. It's great for encouraging hand/eye co-ordination and I also try to teach numbers by counting the rings.

2) Sainsbury's Grow and Play - Pour and Play Pirate Pete
A boat that you can suction to the side of the bath. You fill the tank up with water using the pouring cup included; there's a button to let the water leak out the bottom of the boat through the spinner or keep it inside the tank. There's also a button that shoots water out a canon. It builds fine motor skills, helps with hand/eye co-ordination and is just a lot of fun!!

3) Munchkin Bath Fun Monster Truck
James loves this so much because he's obsessed with cars! He drives it round and round the edge of the bath saying 'vroooom'. It floats on the water, rattles, or can be driven around on it's wheels.

4) DK Squeaky Baby Bath Book Baby Animals
James loves books so of course we have to have a bath one. We read it every single night! Since he's been able to say 'dog', he constantly turns to the page with a puppy and points to it while shouting 'dog'.

5) Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower
James and our dog love this!! We have it on top of one of our cabinets so the bubbles rain down on the bath. James stares up at them, while pointing and shouting 'ooooh'.
It doesn't have fantastic reviews, but it's always worked well for us. People have complained that it doesn't blow bubbles and I suppose you do have to give it a little shake before using it, but after that it's always worked perfectly for us,

What bath toys would you recommend?


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