Sunday, 10 July 2016

June | The Write-Off

I had so many plans for June...but it's been a total write-off for my blog. It was one of those months where one thing after another happened and I just felt completely overwhelmed!

One year injections

James had his injections at the very end of May and they really affected him. It started with extremely poor sleep. Whenever he's unwell, sleep is the first thing to go out the window. It was taking hours to get him to go to sleep and he was waking up not long after and refusing to go back down. He also had a raised temperature which (along with the heatwave we were having) didn't help with going to bed.

10 days after the injections he also had a rash everywhere and seemed to have a sore throat. It's all cleared up now, but it was a tough couple of weeks. It was one of those times that I really appreciated being a stay-at-home mum, because had I have been working I don't know how I would have coped. Like I've said much respect for working mums!!


When will it end!?

It seems like he's always in pain and there's never much to show for it. For the past month James has been cutting his molars; it seems that these have been the most painful so far.

For us, the obvious signs of teething are:
Tongue out - as if he's concentrating hard on something!
Chewing fingers
Shouty - whenever he's uncomfortable he shouts a lot!
Different facial expressions - he pushes his mouth downwards and puffs his cheeks out.

Prepping for our holiday

I overthought our holiday way too much!

'What do I need to take on the plane? How many outfits does he need? What medicine should I take?' 

Weeks of prepping and I still didn't take enough Calpol and had to go to the chemist as he was teething so badly! And I stupidly only took one sleeping bag which (of course) he sicked on in the first few days! And we constantly struggled with what to dress him in at night because it was kind of chilly with the air conditioning on, but far too hot without.

We took so many evening outfits that we never wore because James was asleep by 7 and we were in bed by 9 most nights.

I'm going to make a few holiday lists in the next couple of weeks, partly for me to look back on when we go away again but also to help any other mummies prepping for a holiday.

Plans for the blog..

I've got so many things I want to write about and (yet again) I'm pretty pissed off that I've had so much time away from here. But above all else, James does come first and I have to remind myself of that when I fail in other areas. This is a hobby that I love to keep up with but I sometimes let it take too much of my time and end up burning myself out.

So instead of going at full speed and pushing myself to post something everyday, I'm going to try and take it gently :)

I will speak to you all very soon


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