Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Clean Eating Challenge

Summer is officially upon us (not that you could tell from the weather), so it's the perfect time to start eating cleaner!

It can be hard to stay motivated to stick to diets, but I think a gentle approach to eating more whole foods and less processed is the best way to go.

I'm starting a clean eating challenge, and I'd love for you all to join me!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be looking at the health benefits behind certain foods and why nutrition is so important for not only our bodies, but our health as well!

I'm going to find recipes for delicious clean meals and snacks, that are simple to make at home.

I find that I'm often led astray when I'm starving - I just want to grab something quickly from the cupboard or fridge. But convenience food is often highly processed, so it's far better to prepare healthy snacks in advance for when I'm craving something tasty.

My goals for cleaning up my diet are:

1) Try to eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible. But not beat myself up when I have slip ups.

2) Find healthy substitutes for the things I love - the sugar in my tea, cake, chips...

3) Not put too much pressure on myself. I'm not dieting... I have no end goal in mind... This is a change in the way I look at food. Take every day as it comes and keep trying.

4) The better I eat, the better an example I will be for James; as he gets older I want to teach him about nutrition to give him the best start possible.

5) Drink water more often. I drink a lot of cups of tea when I should be drinking water.

Have you written about clean eating? Come say Hi on Instagram - I'll be posting any healthy foods and snacks I'm eating.


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