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Why we Love our Artificial Lawn | Namgrass

When deciding what to do with our back garden, we wrote down a list of what we wanted out of the space and how it was going to be used.

I love the look and feel of grass, but the upkeep wasn't something either myself or my husband wanted to make time for. Added to that, we have a dog and a baby; real grass is not always the easiest to clean dog mess off of!

I researched different types of artificial grass and eventually decided to go with Namgrass. They've been making artificial lawns for over 30 years and have a wide range of products that suit different needs and budgets.

We chose Green Mirage which is £21.99 per metre squared. It's a middle of the range product that is soft under foot, but not too long. The longer types such as Green Enigma feels amazing and luscious, but it flattens and doesn't look as good if not raked often.

Maintenance for our artificial lawn is very low. All we need to do is use a plastic rake to 'fluff' the grass up and sweep up any twigs or leaves.

When it comes to cleaning it, you can wipe it down with a cloth and anti-bacterial products if there's anything disgusting on it. This was one of the main reasons I wanted it! I'm not a massive germaphobe, but I didn't like the idea of my son on the lawn if the dog had done a messy poo. With an artificial lawn you can pick it up and then wipe the area clean.

I know some people may not like the idea of having (what is basically) a plastic lawn, but it's so practical!

Ten reasons to get Namgrass

1) There is very little maintenance; you don't have to haul the lawnmower out every weekend to keep your lawn at a nice length.

2) Hayfever sufferers can enjoy the garden even in those awful summer months as there's no pollen.

3) If you have children, it's much safer than having paving or decking; they're both quite hard surfaces for falling on and decking gets very slippy in certain weather conditions.

4) It's much easier to clean in comparison to real grass. If you have a dog or cat and it poops on real grass you sometimes end up pulling great chunks out while trying to clean the mess. With artificial grass you can wipe it clean and it won't die if you put Dettol or other cleaning solutions on it.

5) You get a 10 year guarantee, whereas real grass can end up going patchy if not properly looked after.

6) You can lay the lawn yourself by following Namgrass' instructions online or hire one of their installers. We hired an installer because it is quite a big job, but if you're up to the task you could save yourself a fair bit of money!

7) It doesn't get muddy so and children can run out on it all year round without the need for welly boots.

8) It looks good all year round.

9) Feels nice under your feet. Green Mirage is lovely and soft...not like astro turf which people often associate with fake lawns.

10) Won't die because a sand pit or paddling pool has been left on it!

Our lawn was probably one of the most sensible purchases we've made for our home. It gets so much use and is loved by all the family!

I just want to add that I wasn't sponsored to write this, nor was I given anything by Namgrass for free. I just wanted to review a company that I love!

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