Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Top Five Toys | One Year Old

Here is what James has been loving recently..
ELC Activity Table
I was deliberating over which activity table to get James and whether I needed to even get him one - he had so many bloomin toys already! But I saw this on sale for half price at Mothercare and couldn't resist. And, I'm so glad I bought it because he's absolutely obsessed with it. I shall be doing a post purely dedicated to it!

Stacking Cups
These are a must have from 6 months and we've used them over and over. I give them to James when he's sat in his high chair, in the bath, make towers on the floor; they're so versatile. As the months have gone on, he's learnt how to do different things with them. He's gone from just bashing them together, to being able to nest them in one another.

Everything is pushed around our house (stools, boxes, the kitchen bin, the highchair!!) so a walker is a must have for us. We have a wooden walker with blocks. James has lots of fun pushing this around and chasing people into the kitchen where they can't get away! His face when he runs around with it is hysterical - he just gets so excited!

Little Tikes Junior Activity Gym
This is supposed to be for children of 18 months and older, but James loves it! I do have to be with him at all times while he plays on it, but he likes having something he can explore in the garden. Currently he climbs up the slide and then just stands at the top, while excitedly screaming. He also needs help going down the slide or he'd probably hurt himself. But...it's such a fantastic toy to have in the garden. And I know it will get a lot of use this summer!

Fisher Price Discovery Cottage
This is a toy from back when I was a tot that my mum clung on to. James loves putting the little people in the garage and down the slide. There are bits you can spin, buttons to ding and doors to open and close. But he also loves to just pick it up and walk around with it. I've had a look online and found some other houses that do lots of interesting things for your baby to investigate:
Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm
Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy's Activity Home

Do you have any toys you would recommend for a one year old?


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