Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Best Cleaning Products

I can sometimes be a tad obsessed with cleaning. I just love to make things look shiny and have the flat smelling beautiful!

Today I thought I'd share my favourite products that make cleaning that little bit quicker and easier!

Lemon Cream Cleaner by Tesco
This my number one household cleaner that I could not be without; it's great for getting things sparkly and clean! I personally love using it for getting stains off my white kitchen table, scrubbing my trainers (with an old toothbrush this works wonders) and polishing the sinks/basins in our flat!

Cillit Bang Power & Clean Limescale & Shine
The best product I've ever used for getting rid of limescale; you can get off the thickest deposits! I use this every so often on my kitchen sink and around the taps in the bathroom. It has a very strong chemical smell, so do make sure you have the room well ventilated when using it. It's a product I prefer not to use when James is awake!

Dettol Surface Cleanser
Kills 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, MRSA and the flu virus. A fantastic product to have around, particularly when you have a baby as it is even gentle enough to use on the high chair.

Method Glass Non-Toxic Surface Cleaner
I was hunting around for a window cleaner that was a little less toxic than the usual ones full of alcohol. My little boy always has his hands up against our glass doors and I didn't like the idea of him putting his fingers in his mouth after touching them. Method Glass Cleaner works just as well and smells far nicer than others on the market.

Tesco Anti-Bac Original Multi Surface Wipes
With a baby and dog, I always need anti-bacterial wipes for quickly cleaning up mess! I love Tesco's own brand as they're really good value for money.

This is great for soaking any stained whites, which there seem to be a lot of with a baby around. Also our bedding is white so I use this in most washes as our dog is often leaving behind paw prints!

Microfibre Cloths
I wouldn't be without these. They're great for dusting, scrubbing the sink, cleaning the kitchen table...and so much more. They can be used and then washed so there's no wastage.

What are your favourite cleaning products?



  1. Wonderful Tile & Grout Cleaner guide, Job well done. We hired chem dry to come out and treat some pet stains. They were very reasonably priced and even came out a second time free of charge a few days later even though we weren't quite sure if they had missed a spot in room again http://sweeneycleaning.net/locations/longboat-key/…

  2. I love your Products blog because your work is truly your own, and beautiful!


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