Sunday, 8 May 2016

Hormonal Changes and Cutting Down Breastfeeding

After I cut back on breastfeeding a couple of months ago, my hormones started causing me a lot of problems! I can be really bitchy at times anyway (sorry Hubby), but these pesky hormones make things a million times worse.

Being pregnant and breastfeeding was (for the most part) such a breeze; except for the odd crying meltdown, I was very happy. Cue the return of Aunt Flow; some weeks I'm pissed off and angry...then I'm sad, then I'm jolly! The ups and downs of hormones is a pain in the arse!

I don't know whether the impending 1st birthday was making matters worse, but a few weeks ago I was super bitch! I got pissed off after my husband didn't ask if I was alright when I dropped the colander in the kitchen - it's a frickin' colander, what could possibly have happened to me!? I should quickly note that my husband is no saint and has his own moody rants that I have to put up really it is only fair that I have a grump on sometimes!

Anyway, the first birthday...

The fact that my little boy is now one is bitter-sweet! Obviously I know that him turning one doesn't mean he's growing up and leaving, but it feels like his baby years are coming to an end. I'm excited for all that is to come; to see him become a little man. But, it really is all going too fast! I think it also has a lot to do with my plan to cut back on breastfeeding at about a year. When he moves on to drinking milk, he'll be able to stay with family overnight....which is great, yes, but I'm so used to doing almost everything for him! He's so much a part of me that to not have him with me, leaves me feeling a bit lost.

If you're struggling with hormones, here are some of the things I've done which may help you:

1) Get to bed!! I know it's easier said than done with a baby, but try to get to bed early. Don't stay up to watch your favourite TV show, you can always catch up another day! Sleep will make all the difference to your mood.

2) Cut back on caffeine and up your water intake.

3) Leave out the alcohol. Self-medicating isn't the best idea for dealing with hormonal surges. For me personally, alcohol makes things ten times worse and leaves me feeling in a crappy mood for a couple of days.

4) Eat clean and try exercising to clear your mind! Getting out for a walk does the mind a world of good. Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly hormonal, I get pissed off about things and find it very hard to let go! The best remedy always seems to be a walk...and perhaps a cup of tea :)

If you have any tips on dealing with hormones, leave a comment in the box below

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