Friday, 20 May 2016

ELC Wooden Activity Table

A brightly coloured wooden activity table that has lots of different games for your little one.

I wasn't sure whether James really needed an activity table, but while browsing through Mothercare's Sale section I spotted this for half price and couldn't resist... And I am so glad I got it! It's fast become one of our most used toys!

It features...

A shape sorter in the centre of the table with a net underneath to catch all the pieces.

Four turning cogs (red, orange, green and blue) that turn and make all the stacked shapes turn round and round.

A shape stacker - a bunny, fox and sun can be stacked on top of some colourful shapes.

Magnetic fishing game -  three fish on a mirror lake can be caught with a magnetic wooden rod.

A bead frame - colourful beads can be moved up and around the twisted bead frame.

Every morning James will head straight to over to play with the table. It is always the first thing he does!

His favourite part is definitely the fishing rod. He will wander about the flat with one of the fish and the wooden rod, then every so often he'll place the fish on the floor and pick it up with the rod! It is too cute for words. I waste a lot of time just sitting and staring at him as he gets on with his business.

It's great for development because...

It helps with hand eye co-ordination when trying to catch a fish with the fishing rod, when putting the wooden shapes through the shape sorter or placing them on the shape stacker.

Your baby will also have to use logic to figure out lots of the games.

And, it helps to encourage your baby to stand more. James took his first few steps a couple of days after first getting it.

The only downside..

It's toppled over a couple of times when James has tried to lean on it. He is quite boisterous though, so manages to hurt himself very easily!!

I love it...

Because it actually looks nice in our living room. Wooden toys are aesthetically pleasing and the lovely woodland design is so cute.

Click here if you'd like to have a look at it on Mothercare's website

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