Thursday, 5 May 2016

Eating Healthy for Summer

With the weather hotting up I know I'm going to have more skin on show soon, and while I'm happy with my weight, I'm not so happy with all the extra jiggly bits left behind after pregnancy.

I just feel a bit deflated. So, it's time for healthy eating and more exercise!

Here is what I've been eating recently as I've started to try and eat cleaner.


Tassimo Costa Latte (not so healthy but a guilty pleasure) and Jordan's Crunchy Oat Granola - Raisin & Almond.


Royal Gala apple with Meridian Peanut Butter

Crumpet with Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter

I have a Kilner jar full of nuts and dried fruit on our kitchen counter to dip into when I'm peckish.


Wholegrain toast with homemade pesto and tomatoes

Peppery salad leaves with torn up wholegrain toast, olives, pine nuts, paremesan, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I've done a whole post on this here :) It's my favourite salad to make at home!


Salmon, mashed potato, cauliflower, peas and roasted carrots, parsnips and beetroot with a sweet chilli sauce over.

What healthy foods do you love? Leave links below if you've written any posts, I'd love to read them!

Also, check out my guest blog post for Mysupermarket where I spoke about my Top Health Tips to Prepare for Summer.


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  1. All this food looks so delicious! I've been experimenting with healthy food recently. I love snacking on rice cakes with peanut butter or a handful of nuts and seeds. I have quite a lot of fish or chicken for dinner, usually with some steamed veg or a lovely fresh salad. I'm also addicted to sweet potatoes! x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds


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