Saturday, 21 May 2016

5 Cheap and Easy Play Ideas for Babies

No matter how many toys you buy your little one, they still end up getting bored of things.

Sometimes it's nice to mix things up with some home made toys and games. Also, as our babies get older it's great to do this because it teaches creativity and more imaginative play!

Here are five easy & cheap play ideas:

You can get big packs for very cheap in a variety of colours, and there are so many games you can play with them. My little boy loves balloons, especially in the bath! By playing with balloons, your baby is learning about gravity and how much items weigh. They may not understand the actual concept behind why some objects make a bang or float down softly when dropped, but they're learning which do and don't.

Bottle shaker
Save a dry empty water bottle and fill it with dried pasta, bits of coloured paper, sequins, bells...anything you can find that makes a noise or is bright and colourful! They're also great in the bath as they float.

Box of recylicing
Keep bits of clean and safe recycling or rubbish. I keep a box full of 'treasures' in the bedroom which he always heads over to - great for when I'm busy doing housework. Margarine tubs, egg cartons, drink bottles, tissue paper...there are so many items with different textures you could use.

Tub of water filled with items
Water play is not only fun but also really educational. Our babies little brains are actually working out maths and science concepts while splashing about! Stacking cups, Duplo...anything plastic could be popped in a tub of water for your baby to play with.

Sensory boxes
You can get really creative with different themed boxes. One day you could do shiny objects, another day you could do noisy objects. While your baby is napping, fill a box/basket with special items they don't usually get to play with (baby safe items of course). When they wake up and see all these new goodies to explore they'll be so excited!

Please note: if your baby is playing with items that are not made for babies, always keep an eye on them! I know you all probably know this already, but just for peace of mind...I thought I'd add a little note at the end :)

Do you have any cheap/easy play ideas? Have you done a post on it? Link it up below, I'd love to read it!


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  1. These idea sound so cute! My little girl loves noisy things so I think she'd love the bottle shaker x

    Dreaming of Diamonds


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