Thursday, 12 May 2016

13 Months Old | Baby Update

I wasn't going to do another baby update until 18 months, but so much has happened in the last few weeks that I wanted to write about!

Because of illness and teething I started breastfeeding James to sleep again and I was worried I had set myself up for a fall, but tonight he seems to have gone down easily with a bottle of milk and a story. I still feed him in the night to get him back to sleep though and he often comes into our bed at some point!

His bedtime is still 6pm and he usually wakes around 6am...6.30-7 if I'm lucky. He's also still having two naps in the day, about one hour long each - I'm holding on to these dearly!! It's hard to get certain things done when he's awake,

We had our first very bad crying session a few nights ago. It was relentless and nothing I did helped him what so ever. I think he has a lot of teeth coming in at the bottom, but he never lets me look! He's also had a temperature, which has not made sleeping easy as the weather's been so hot in London the past week.

Because of a cold and teething, eating has been bad. I've always wanted to make sure he's having the healthiest options, but when he's sick I give in a lot and I do worry I'm shooting myself in the foot! He's started refusing certain finger foods he used to love! Here's hoping it's just a phase.

The first day he properly walked. 
We were out in the garden with his Nanny and Grandad, painting the back of the house.
- He can now walk independently. He started taking a few steps just after his birthday, but then caught a cold and he didn't seem to have the energy to try any more. But since he's been better he suddenly started walking by himself.
- He understands quite a lot more...particularly food related words :)
- He's started having tantrums. They don't last that long, but he flings himself down on the floor and screams when you take something away from him or shut a door before he gets through it. At the moment it's quite funny!
- He's got his first pair of shoes, but they make him a bit more unsteady as he still has to get used to them.
- He will actually sit on my lap while I read a book to him.
- He gives cuddles if you ask and sometimes (if you're lucky) a kiss
- He keeps trying to play with our dog. He will either throw balls for Milo to run after or tries to wave things around in front of him to get him to take them. It's really cute, but it means I have to be even more careful - accidents could happen so easily, even though our dog is really good with James!

He loves

He hates
Having his nappy changed
Having his teeth brushed
Having his face wiped
When you take something away from him

That's it for this month! 
Thanks for reading


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