Friday, 8 April 2016

The Best Cookbooks for Quick and Delicious Meals

You can't beat good home cooked food! There's nothing I like more than a delicious, hearty meal, that is full of flavour!

Here are my Top 6 books for cooking up some scrumptious feasts for you and the family...

Italian made simple
Well loved Italian dishes in an easy to follow format and a picture of every dish!! I don't know about you, but I'm like a child when it comes to cookbooks...I need pictures; it makes me want to create this magnificent looking masterpiece. My favourite recipe from this book is 'penne in a creamy mushroom sauce' (pg.154) - mouthwatering!

The Family Cook Book by Kerryann Dunlop (Jamie Oliver's FOOD Tube)
I use this all the time because this contains so many everyday, classic recipes - mashed potato, lasagne, pizza, pancakes.. Again, it's got a picture of every dish and has a nice simple layout. But it also has a cool, modern design that makes me want to cook!

Jamie's 30-Minute Meals
Each meal consists of a starter/side, main dish and a dessert. The book is full of photos and close ups of food - it really gives a sense of Jamie's love for cooking; if you've ever watched him on TV then you'll know how passionate he is about it. The meals are so wonderfully put together - each dish complementing the other. I don't know whether I would manage it in 30 minutes, but it's a lot quicker than too-ing and fro-ing between cookbooks if I was trying to make a 3 course meal.


Jamie's 15-Minute Meals
This is my most used cookbook - hands down! I've probably made some of the pasta dishes in this 'bad boy' about 10-15 times - I bloody love it!! And, it's not just pasta, there's meat dishes, vegetarian, breakfast..and many more.  The only downside, it does not take me 15 minutes and there is a lot of washing up to be done afterwards. But it's a small price to pay for such wonderful recipes. 

Antonio Carluccio's PASTA
I'm obsessed with pasta. If I could eat it every day, I would! This is the perfect book for pasta-lovers as there are so many different recipes. Some of the recipes do contain ingredients that you may not have lying around and not every dish has a picture (I think we've established I do love a picture), but the recipes are different, interesting and most important of all - delicious!

Save with Jamie
We all love to save a bit of money - in this book Jamie shows you how to 'Shop Smart, Cook Clever (and) Waste Less'. The recipes are really diverse and there are some fantastic tips such as; how to spend less on your grocery shopping or what to do with your leftover wine. Some of the recipes do take a long time, but there are also lots of short ones that take as little as 5 minutes.


Have you got any cookbooks that you would recommend? Let me know below.


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