Thursday, 14 April 2016

One Year Old | Baby Update

I thought I'd be an emotional wreck on James' birthday, but it was the lead up to it that was worse! I do look back at his newborn photos and reminisce, but I love his growing character and personality; I also love how much easier it is now! Although the sleepless nights are still very much with us, it's not quite as bad - the feedings are shorter, there's no burping and no poo explosions!

I've stopped breastfeeding at bedtime and instead he has milk in the living room before bed. I was hoping this might stop the night time feeding, but no such luck! I did try for a couple of nights to wean him off, but there was a lot of crying while I tried to comfort him in other ways. Until we stop sharing a room, I think this is the easiest way to get the most sleep.

He still has two naps in the day for about an hour each time, and his bedtime is 6pm-6am. The past week he has been waking up between 5-5.30am, which is delightful alongside the night wakings! I think it might be because he's learning to stand by himself and taken a few first steps.

 -Can climb onto our sofa and bed.
- Standing has really come along. A couple of days after his first birthday he stood for a minute and has taken a step here and there.
- Says 'buh-bye' and waves (with both arms) & says 'eh-oh' while pretending to be on the phone
- Points to things and babbles & says 'ny-ny-ny' when he doesn't want something
- Dances along to music when it takes his fancy :)
- Throws balls for Milo and tries to give him toys
- Knows when he's doing something naughty and will look to see if your watching - so cheeky!
- Makes this hilarious face which is a mixture of curiosity and sometimes anger - I like to call it the 'Phil Mitchell'

What He Loves
Grapes, cheese and any hard food he can chew on
Throwing things :)

What He Hates
Yogurt and buttercream icing. We did our own cake smash and he gagged the minute he put some of the icing in his mouth!
Having his teeth brushed

What Keeps Me Sane
Watching Mummy Youtubers, such as Ysis Lorenna, Mummy in the know, Kerry Dyer, Mrs Meldrum, Emily Norris, Claire Witt, Katie & Baby....
Tea & Cake

I think that's all for this month...

I've also posted a video over on my YouTube channel if you fancy a watch :)

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  1. Aww Happy First Birthday James! I was just like you - an emotional wreck on the run up to Isabella's first birthday. But like you say it's better in reality :) Loving your photos too!

    Helen x

    1. Thank you :) It is so much easier now, and I just have to remind myself of that when I feel emotional


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