Monday, 11 April 2016

I Have a One Year Old? ..Bring on the Toddler Years!

Everyone is probably fed up of hearing me go on about how I can't believe James is now a one year old...but what the!? Where did the time go!?

Life gets so busy once your baby arrives, that it literally zooms before your eyes. It's scary!!

We did a DIY cake smash last weekend which was absolutely hilarious. I expected James to be covered in blue icing, with cake mushed into his hair - just like you see in most Cake Smash photo shoots. But oh no, ours did not go to plan. James had one lick of the buttercream icing and started gagging; and the minute he got cake on his hands he was disgusted!

It's safe to say, I am very happy I didn't pay to do this professionally.

The day of his birthday started out with me running into the living room at 6am to blow up balloons and put all his toys out for him to crawl in and find. We bought him a Little Tikes Climbing Frame that he climbed straight away and then stood proudly at the top. He just learnt to climb this week so it was a last minute purchase that I knew he'd really enjoy.

We also got a wooden activity table from Mothercare that was on sale for £20 and he absolutely loves it. I'll definitely be doing a little review on it at some point!

He was also very spoilt by all his family and friends, which meant I have spent today re-organising the flat and finding a place for everything. I love a good old organise...although it's bloody hard trying to do it with a baby crawling about; everything I put away, he then pulled out again. But hey, that's mummy life for you!'s been such an amazing year - full of laughter, tears & poop...

Now bring on the toddler years :)


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