Wednesday, 13 April 2016

10 Ways To Save & Make Extra Money This Year!

I think it's fair to say that most people would love to bring in a bit of extra cash or save up for something special...

Today I thought I'd share some of my money saving tips and advice on how to bring in a little extra cash!

1. Look around for good deals and use websites like MySupermarket to compare prices; I use it for my food shopping and beauty products. When I see that somewhere has a very low price for a staple I will buy it in bulk!

2. If you fancy going out for a meal, browse the web for voucher codes. You can get up to 50% off for lots of restaurants.

3. Rather than planning a day out that includes expensive attractions, have a picnic in the park or go on a nice walk. If you have kids, there are still so many things to do that don't include paying out lots of money. Or if there is an attraction that your child loves, consider getting an annual pass! In the Winter it can be a little more difficult, but you can often find free exhibitions or go to a local library.

4. Use economy settings on your dishwasher and washing machine; turn off televisions, lights and any electronic appliances after you've finished using them. You'd be surprised how bills add up when you forget - I am very guilty of this!

5. Plan your meals for the week to avoid wastage and make your own pack lunches rather than buying while you're out. When it comes to baby food, it is also a lot cheaper to make your own and freeze them - I find this so convenient with a baby as you can just pop the frozen cube in the microwave to defrost it within minutes.

6. Sell your old DVD's, CD's and books online. I often use WeBuyBooks to sell things - it doesn't necessarily make as much as eBay, but it's much quicker and sometimes I just like to declutter right away!

7. Sell clothes on eBay. It can be quite time consuming, but for certain brands you can make good money! Even items from Primark can sell well - you can either post a few items together or sometimes if an item is in demand you can get more than you actually paid for it. Furniture and bigger items also sell well on there, especially if they're in good condition! Give it a go....I was a bit hesitant at first and just thought 'can't be bothered', but it's a bit addictive once you start selling.

8. Don't let credit cards get on top of you...only put on them what you can pay off or use them for emergencies. It is handy to have a credit card, especially when paying for big items or a holiday, because debit cards often get declined on large transactions; but relying on them too much can sometimes get you into trouble! You can use websites like Credit Card Insider to learn more about credit cards - they have a learning page that is really useful!

9. Open up a savings account so you can put in any extra cash you have at the end of the month. If you can see your savings going up it will really encourage you to keep going! I like to put any eBay earnings into my savings account so I don't spend it frivolously.

10. If you have a hobby that could help make you some money, try starting your own business. You could make cakes for parties, paint, make jewellery.... if you have a talent just go for it! You can sell things on eBay or start a shop on Instagram or Facebook.

Making small changes and being mindful about your expenditure can make a huge impact on your savings over the course of a year.

I find that making a list of the things I want to save up for helps to keep me focused on my goal and curb my impulse purchases!

I hope you've found this useful or perhaps it has inspired you to start saving

Have you got any tips on saving or making a bit of extra cash? Or have you written a post yourself? If so, then leave the link below, I'd love to have a read!


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