Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Top Five Baby Books | Ten Months Old

I love to sit down with James and read books, but he does get fed up quite quickly at the moment so the story has to be short. 

In this post I've put together his five favourites that really capture and hold his attention.

1) This Rabbit, That Rabbit - We got this in a pack from our clinic as part of the Bookstart program, which tries to promote families reading together and help children to find a love of books. 'This Rabbit, That Rabbit' has lovely illustrations and only contains a couple of words per page so is great for teaching young babies words. I find James listens if there are only a few words in a book. It gives him a chance to take in the sounds and watch the way my mouth moves.

2) Noisy Numbers - This has been a favourite of James' since he was really young. It's great for teaching little ones the names of animals, the noises they make and numbers. James is now starting to try and press the buttons for me, but he can't always quite manage it.

3) Slow Snail - I think this is probably our favourite. I read all the words very, very slowly while trailing my finger along the squiggly lines the snail has left behind and James is completely captivated! This was another book we received from Bookstart. 

4) Rockin' Babies - As my husband and I are into rock music I went on the hunt for some baby metal/rock books. I think James really loves the illustrations in this because they're so bright and colourful. On one page there's a mobile phone and every time he sees it, he immediately tries to grab it - babies and technology eh!?

5) My First Baby Book - Baby's Day. This is another Bookstart book that James received - they really do give out the best selection! He loves 'Baby's Day' because each page has a big picture of a baby and he beams in delight when he sees them. This seems to help in making him pay attention to everything I'm reading.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any recommendations please do let me know. We love books!!


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