Friday, 18 March 2016

The Best Baby Toys | Eleven Months Old

At eleven months, play has become so much more fun! It's lovely to watch your baby explore and learn about the world. Almost everything fascinates and intrigues them, but these are the toys James is really loving.

Baby Walker - This past month James has enjoyed pushing around his wooden walker. You can get so many different kinds, but I love the old-school wooden ones that come with blocks. As well as pushing this around, James loves to get on it and be pushed!

Stacking Cups - Stacking cups have been a favourite of James' for months! They're such a cheap and versatile toy. You can build them up, knock them down, nest them inside one another, put them in water, hide other toys underneath the cups....there are so many different games you can play. Sometimes the simplest toys really are the best! Our stacking cups are from Ikea and Little Hero.

Push Along Toys - James will push anything he can along the floor, but the best has to be this massive car by Mothercare from the Lights and Sounds Happy Trucks Set. He will push it along the floor saying 'vroom vroom'.

Building Blocks - Anything you can build up is brilliant for babies at this age because they love knocking them down! Our favourites at the moment are these Fisher Price Roller Blocks which have spinning balls in the middle. James can be entertained for ages just spinning the ball round and round!

Do you have any toy recommendations? Let me know below :)

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