Friday, 25 March 2016

Planning a First Birthday Party | Peter Rabbit Theme

Pinterest is the home of inspiration for me, so for James' first birthday that was the first place I headed to for ideas!

The second I saw pictures of Peter Rabbit parties, I was hooked on the theme. There are so many different and easy ways you can decorate your garden or home!

For the past couple of months I've been scouring the internet for bits and pieces to help create a truly magical day. I've also been hunting for things in my mum's house - sometimes it really comes in handy to have someone who keeps everything! She has tons of these terracotta pots in her garden which are perfect for hiding sweets, chocolate and prizes in for a treasure hunt. And an old, weathered looking step ladder that was abandoned in the shed, will really help to set the scene.

These Party Invitations and Thank You Notes (unavailable online) are from M&S; they come ten to a pack for £3.50. I also got these cute little chocolates from John Lewis that I thought would be good for party bags!

I then found these Chocolate Carrots and House of Cake Sugar Carrots in Sainsbury's, which would be perfect for putting on top of cupcakes!

There are lots of bits that are coming in the post, and we still have 6 weeks till the day of the party, so if you are interested in seeing how it turns out then follow me on here or social media to keep updated.


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