Monday, 21 March 2016

How to Introduce Lumps and Texture to your Baby | Weaning

Adding lumps and texture to your babies purees can sometimes be a challenge as they've been used to a purely liquid diet for so long.

They may cough, splutter, gag and then spit everything back out at you.

This is how I introduced James to texture from about 7/8 months:

1. Thickening up Purees
I thicken up the consistency of all his purees with Baby Rice, Weetabix or with a thicker puree like mashed potato. I find he actually prefers it this way anyhow!

2. Small Pieces of Chopped or Mashed Vegetables
Chopped up vegetables or mushy peas are great for adding to smoother purees. I boil and then freeze the chopped vegetables in ice cube trays with a little of their cooking liquid, then I can add these when I need to.

3. Organix Fruit Pots With Pieces
These are what I started James on when first giving lumps and texture. He really likes them as there are very few lumps! Also, if you keep these in the fridge, they're great for teething babies.

4. Organix Multi Grain Mini Puffs
These are little tiny cereal puffs that I add to fruit purees for breakfast or dessert. I started out by only adding a few and soaking them in the puree for a little while before giving it to James.

5. Fingers Foods
I give James finger food with every meal. We started with toast fingers and then when I felt comfortable we moved on to lots of different fruits and vegetables. As long as all round fruits such as cherry tomatoes and grapes are cut up, I feel confident letting James feed himself most things. Ella's Kitchen and Organix do some fabulous finger foods for on the go.

Now, James is eleven months old and accepts most textures. But he still only has four top teeth, so some consistency's can be a bit difficult for him.

My number one bit of advice is to keep trying at each mealtime and don't be disheartened if your baby spits it back out. Babies at 7-8 months still get most of their nutrition from milk, so at this stage it really is about trying to encourage your baby to just enjoy food.

Sometimes, if James really doesn't want to eat what I'm offering I just hand him the bowl and let him feel and play with the food. Babies learn through play and while it may be incredibly messy, he loves it!

Have you got any tips for introducing texture to your baby?

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