Friday, 26 February 2016

Nine/Ten Months Old | Baby Update

Oh what a surprise....I'm late with James' update! But, I've sat myself down with a glass of wine this evening to write it. I think when he's older it'll be nice to look back and read how he changed each month so I need to make the time to do this! 

Breastfeeding and Weaning
By ten months I was still breastfeeding four times during the day and throughout the night when James wanted it. I was told by the health visitor to wean him off night feeds but we've really struggled with that, mainly because we share a bedroom. Weaning hit a bit of a slump from around eight months and James wasn't too keen on being spoon fed so we offered more finger foods. I've now fixed this (at ten and a half months) as I've cut out his two daytime breastfeeds. He now seems much more interested in food and is actually hungry!

At three months old James slept through the night and I was quietly happy, thinking 'yes we've cracked it'....oh how naive I was!! Sleep issues seem to really hit home as babies become more knowing. James has two daytime naps and I put him to bed at 6pm. In the day I put him down awake with no feed beforehand. At night I feed him then put him in his cot awake. This all seems to go fine, until my husband and I go to bed - then all hell breaks lose and he wakes constantly to be fed to sleep or wants to sleep in our bed. Don't get me wrong, I love bed sharing and getting extra cuddles....but then you get smacked in the face, kicked and have your hair pulled out. I cannot wait for James to have his own room!

- By ten months James pulled up on everything and started cruising along furniture. He could also stand by himself for a couple of seconds before wobbling over (which he finds very funny!!).
- Just before turning nine months he started climbing the stairs (with someone behind him of course).
- By nine months he had four teeth - all at the top!
- He understands his name, 'no', and a few phrases - 'are you hungry' and 'can i have a cuddle' are the two I can think of off the top of my head.
- By ten months he could said 'baby', 'babe', 'mama', 'dada', 'baba' and 'vrooom'. He makes lots of other babbly sounds but those are the main ones.
- He points at things and babbles (which I cannot understand) what I assume are his own words for particular objects.

He loves....
To pull things out of cupboards, drawers, bags....anything that contains things, he loves to pull it all out.
To push his big cars around the room and say 'vroooom vroooom'.
Chasing after Milo (our dog).
Cheese and water

He hates...
Having his teeth brushed
Calpol from the syringe
Having his nappy and pj's put on at bedtime

Thanks for reading

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