Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Eight Months Old | Baby Update

I wrote this three weeks ago and am only just posting it - gah!! James has three teeth coming through at the top and what with all the Christmas chaos I've not turned my laptop on at all! Apologies!

I think James' sleep is the same as last month. He goes down for bed at 6pm and wakes at 6am most days...although today he decided to wake at 4.30am. He wakes up in the night from 2-4 times and I usually feed him to sleep but I'm not sure he always needs it. I think sharing a room isn't helping because he can see me so continues to fuss, where if he had his own room I could probably wean him off the night feeds!
In terms of naps, he now has two a day at about 8.30 then again at 1.

Breastfeeding & Weaning
I'm still breastfeeding James to sleep, a couple of times during the night and throughout the day when he needs it. As he's getting older and closer to turning one year old, I am starting to think about how to cut it down but at the moment I still love feeding him and I'm hoping he may just wean off naturally.
He's eating three meals a day and has a mixture of textured purees and finger food. He's still working on his pincer grip so certain things like peas are quite hard for him to eat, but he can sometimes manage to shove a few in his mouth!

- He pulls up on everything now and is attempting to climb up on things but hasn't quite got the strength yet.
- He can say mama, baba, brah brah (when he hears the dog bark) and gaga. Still waiting on dada. Obviously I know these aren't proper words, although he does say mama when I leave, when he's upset and wants me or while crawling after me.
- He can wave and dances now. It's so cute, when music starts playing he bounces about!
- When he shouldn't be doing something I say 'no' and he'll look back at me and smile then turn round and continue on...very rarely when I say 'no' though he does actually stop. Cheeky already!!
- Very fast at crawling now so I can't turn my back for long before he's up to something!
- We've had to move him out of his baby bath and into the big bath because he kept trying to climb out. Now he's so much happier!

I think that's about it for this month.

I've got so much to do for Christmas, it's just been crazy for us at the moment. I'm off out to do pressie shopping this evening and hoping to get most of the things I need. Right now I have only bought stuff for James really. Christmas has crept up on me yet again!!


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