Saturday, 7 November 2015

What I Ate...Breakfast on a Saturday

Babies rarely let you sleep in... So it's up at 6am for us most Saturdays (7 if James is feeling generous).

I usually pop James in his highchair after he's had his morning milk and give him some toast fingers to eat/play with. The majority of these end up on the floor for Milo.

I then sit down and have my (much needed) latte while our breakfast is cooking. We usually have two boiled eggs with rice cakes - sounds boring, but it's so nice with a bit of ketchup or some ham. I find it's much less bloating than bread and far less calories. 

Then James has his puree... this time it was mashed apple and mango from Organix. I usually give him homemade food but I want to start introducing more lumps so bought a couple of these cartons to see how he takes to it. He liked it the second time I gave it to him when it was straight out the fridge - I think he loves cold food!

We then treated ourselves to croissants with jam as the weekends are meant for treats! These All Butter Croissants from Tesco are delicious.

What do your Saturday breakfasts look like?

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