Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Top Five Baby Books | Seven Months Old

Trying to read to your active seven month old baby is not the easiest of tasks, especially when they're constantly trying to grab the book and shove it in their mouth!

When James was really little (up to about five months old) I read him lots of different storybooks and I would have his full attention...now it's a whole new game!

This is what I've learnt... 

First off, they have to be board books! Anything paper will be destroyed!!

Secondly, the stories can't be too long. Unless you have an angel of a baby, they'll probably lose interest pretty quickly.

Lastly...get really animated, make wild gestures and sound out animal/machinery/weather noises. Basically, make yourself look as stupid as possible!

On to the books...

Usborne Noisy Numbers is definitely a favourite for James right now as it's got bold, brightly coloured pictures and it makes noises! It keeps him entertained in his highchair while waiting for dinner, he'll throw it about during playtime and of course shove it in his mouth.

That's Not My Monkey has parts that you can touch and feel. I've tried to show James this but I don't think he's too interested in that yet! He just likes to eat it, scoot around the floor with it and it's nice and short to read to him.

Peppa Pig George's Racing Car. I've read this so many times now, I really do think I could tell you the story by heart. He loves this - probably because he recognises Peppa!

Sophie's Big Noisy Book has lovely illustrations and flaps for you or your baby to lift up that set off different noises/tunes. James loves me reading this to him! The only downside is that you have to read it under a bright light, otherwise the sensors under the flaps don't set off the sounds.

Buggy Buddies Pets has been chewed a lot! This doesn't get read, ever! James just likes to hold on to the buggy strap and fling the book about and he could chomp away on it for bloomin' ages.

Thanks for reading :)
Let me know if you have any book recommendations


  1. Lovely recommendations! I will be placing an Amazon order very soon, as some of these will make their way into my shopping basket. Thanks, Katey :) x

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