Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Ikea Toy Haul

Last Sunday we got ourselves up and out nice and early so we could be at Ikea the minute it opened. The main reason for going was fairy lights, storage boxes and photo frames, but we ended up coming away with so many goodies for James, a teddy for Milo and a new duvet for us (to be fair our old one wasn't breathable at all - way too hot).

James slept the entire time :)

They have so many beautiful wooden toys for amazingly low prices, especially if you have an Ikea Family Card. The Wooden House Shape Sorter retails for £7 but with our Family Card it cost only £3.50! There were lots of other fabulous wooden toys that were for a slightly older baby, such as a Rocking Moose, Toddle Truck and Wagon with Building Blocks. I'm thinking about getting them for James' Christmas presents.

The Building Beakers were just £1.50 which is far cheaper than any you can buy anywhere else I've seen.

The 3 Piece Bath Toy Set is wonderful for bath time and keeps James really amused. It has two beakers on top, one of which has lots of holes in and fascinates him!

They also have so many unique looking soft toys. I know they're really popular because I see them all over Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. We got the dinosaur (which I believe was designed from a child's drawing) for Milo and a mini version of it for James. But, Milo was more interested in all of James' toys - he is obsessed with trying to play with him :)

I asked Milo to sit and wait while I took the photos, so he subtly stretched towards the toys to have a good sniff and steal the blocks - so cheeky!

I can't wait to be able to buy some of the toys for older children. They have a beautiful wooden kitchen that is much more attractive to have in your living room than some of the other options out there.

See you soon :)

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