Friday, 13 November 2015

Some Days Are Tough

Being ill is crap, but having to see your baby feel ill is bloody awful! 

It's been a week full of snot, crying & sick.. So Pj's it is! And I thought why not show you what we wore. Who says outfit posts have to be fancy?

James is wearing a lovely little owl print romper from Gap (last year). This was actually the first time he wore it - what was I thinking? Sick baby in a new outfit....are you crazy!? But he looked so cute, especially with the little navy socks that he would not keep on!! The owls have little mustard wings and they matched so well with the socks (I know, I'm ridiculous).

As for me...

My jumper is from Topshop a couple of years ago. I loved these quilted jumpers so much I bought them in a couple of colours. I do love Topshop..I really do!! 

As for the leggings, they're a Disney pair from the nightwear section in George Asda. Supermarkets are so good for pyjamas - brilliant value for money and really cute designs. 

Oh and those little ladybird socks are from Primark.

Now I am going to have dinner and go to bed because it is already 8pm (gah!!) and I woke at 4am with a very unhappy baby and have been on the go all day trying to help him forget how rubbish he feels. Gotta get my sleep...

Have a nice evening

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