Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Seven Months Old | Baby Update

James turned 7 months yesterday so it's time for another baby update!

I have finally managed a few nights of James not having a nighttime feed, but sometimes I do feel he needs one if he's not eaten much in the day. This isn't to say he's sleeping through, I'm still changing his nappy and resettling him at least once. In the daytime he now has 2-3 naps, one of which is often 1hr30 to 2hours!! I literally cannot express how amazing it is to have some time in the day to get things done. James has always had an early bedtime of 6pm, but I still rarely manage to get much done then because for one thing I'm so knackered and also my husband is home so we usually just relax.

We've got to three puree meals a day now as well as finger food here and there. I usually give him toast fingers or crumpets in the morning and he's had banana fingers and some Organix carrot puffs. I wanted to do a mixture of baby led weaning as well as giving purees so that he learns to handle food himself. I will do a post within the next week on our weaning journey so far if you're interested.

He's definitely cut down on feeds but I still feed him whenever he's for comfort as well as food. Also, I love feeding him as it's the only time I really get a cuddle anymore because he's always off exploring!

He usually wakes at 6am with us, then has breakfast and a little play before napping at about 8 for 30mins-1hour. He's then up for two hours or so, then back down for one and a half to two hours. Then we have lunch and playtime. After this he may have a nap at some point but it's at different times everyday and he often refuses it. Dinner is at 5pm. Bath at 5.30pm, then I nurse him to sleep at 6pm. Our schedule is different everyday though, so this is only a rough guide. We go to different classes, go for coffee with friends, walk the dog, go shopping. I can't stay in with him all day as he gets fed up and I get stressed.

- He's now crawling. This started at around six and a half months.
- He sits up by himself and pulls himself onto his knees.
- He's babbling more and can now say mama...I don't think it has meaning though yet, but he does say it when he wants me or is upset.
- For a while he did this really loud shrieking. And when I say loud, I mean ear shatteringly loud!! Luckily that only lasted a week or so. His dad is pretty loud though, so I'm not surprised :)
- He got really involved in Baby Sensory the past couple of sessions. He was crawling off constantly to explore, where before he just sat with me and watched.

He's been really sick the past couple of days with a cough/cold and now as I was putting him to bed he just sicked up all his dinner :( I'm hoping it will pass soon because he's not been too happy.

Have a nice evening!

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