Sunday, 8 November 2015

October Baby Favourites

Sainsburys Ice Cube Tray
These are the perfect size for making up James' purees and they have a rubber bottom to make it easier when popping out the frozen cubes! I like to make up smaller portions so I can mix cubes together and make up different meals for James.

Two piece Pyjamas
James kicks a lot, so sleepsuits with poppers are now really hard work. Pyjamas with a short sleeve bodysuit underneath are far easier for bedtime.

Annabel Karmel book
I flick through this book all the time for meal ideas and weaning advice. It's fantastic for when you first start your baby on solids as it explains how long to cook each vegetable/fruit for and how to prepare purees.

I started using this on a rash James has had since he was born and it's now completely dissapeared. No other cream has worked, in fact some made it more angry looking!

Johnsons Talc Powder
I use this on James' bum every night before putting his nappy on. It helps to protect against moisture making him sore, as sometimes he goes through the night with no change.

I hope you've had a great weekend

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