Friday, 27 November 2015

Losing the Baby Weight

When I was pregnant, I was so worried about being able to get my body back and I watched in horror as the pounds piled on.

By the end of my pregnancy I had put on 33lbs which was within the healthy range that is recommended but seemed a lot to me!

Once I gave birth I was desperate to lose the extra pounds and get my body back. Within the first week I lost 20lbs, but then it slowed down to 2lbs the next week, then 1lb. I was stuck at 11lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight for a long time!

It took until 6 months postpartum to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and at this point it just started melting away!

Seven 1/2 months postpartum - 5lbs under pre-pregnancy weight.

This is what I think helped:

This definitely burns a lot of calories, but it may make you more hungry so you have to be careful not to overindulge. As James got older and ate more I felt I was losing more weight even though I was eating more than normal.

Walk as much as possible
I don't drive, so I walk everywhere. Getting out with the pram is a fantastic workout!

Drink water
So important if you're breastfeeding, but also to help your body recover after birth. If I let myself get dehydrated I feel tired and less energetic.

Keep busy
Being at home too much can send you straight to this biscuit tin....get out for a walk, look for baby classes, go to the park.

De-stress and (try to) get sleep
Obviously with a baby, sleep is often not that easy to come by, but trying to get to bed early a few nights a week has such an impact on how you feel! Some nights I will go to bed at 8pm and then I know I'll wake up feeling full of energy. If I'm tired I will want to eat all day!

To keep your metabolism going, eat little and often. This is probably the easiest way to eat when looking after a baby anyway, because you often have to grab something on the go. Just make sure you have healthier options around the house! My go to snacks are nuts & dried fruit, cereal bars, apple with cheese and flapjacks.

Some may not agree this helps, but without my morning latte and a few cups of tea throughout the day I have much less energy so am not so active.

No alcohol
I will very rarely have a glass of wine now (if I have enough time until I have to breastfeed again) and I used to drink a lot more before I got pregnant. Even when I quit breastfeeding, I won't be drinking that often because even two small glasses of wine leaves me feeling tired the next day - not worth it when looking after a baby!

Looking after James
Lifting him up, running after him, dancing around....looking after a baby is a very active job, especially once they start moving!

37 weeks pregnant

One week postpartum

I hope this was helpful to some of you. If you have any tips on toning up after birth I'd love to hear.

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  1. You look great, Katey! And I second everything you said for loosing the baby weight. I've also found myself being a lot healthier as soon as I started weaning James, as I often snack on whatever he's eating, which is always healthy food! The only thing I haven't been doing much is going to baby classes, so I'll have to get going soon because James definitely needs more children around him now.

    My problem was not so much losing the weight, because I lost it all by 3 months postpartum, but it was getting my body looking like before. I feel like I'm so much wider now, I just hope my body decides to shrink back to its original shape! :)

    Thanks for posting! x


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