Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Little Homeware Haul

As the nights have been drawing in fast, I've been obsessed with making our home all cozy with fairy lights and candles.

While in Primark, I had a little browse through their Christmas bits and pieces and found some battery operated fairy lights - a 20 set for £1.50 or a 40 set for £2.50. They give off a lovely warm light and can be used anywhere as you don't have to worry about plugging them in. Also as they're LED lights they don't get hot and so are much safer.

I also picked up a set of sparkly rose gold baubles that I've currently got in a kilner jar...trying to pull off that pinterest look but I'm not sure I've cracked it yet!

As I've not been too well this week my husband came back with a couple of presents from Tesco...Hurrah!! A little set of three Yankee Candle Christmas votives and an OLAF MUG!!! I'm a massive Disney fan and have a lot of Disney homeware because I am just a big kid, so this really did excite me oh so much. Possibly a little too much! I haven't had a chance to burn the candles yet, but I have been burning Candy Cane Lane which is another from Yankee Candle's Christmas range and it is bloomin' lovely. I posted a photo of it over on Instagram because it is just beautiful!

Now I'm going to take my makeup off, slap some fake tan on and have a hot drink in my new mug. It's the little things... :)

Have a nice evening everyone

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