Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What my Baby Loves #1 (Six Months Old)

There are three toys that James will drag himself across his playpen for and which I would highly recommend to any mummy's out there, or anyone buying a present for a 6 month old.

1. V-tech Little Singing Cody - Cody fascinates James. He sings, lights up and speaks to your baby.

2. Early Learning Centre Keys - These came in a set along with a phone and remote control, but the keys are definitely James' favourite as he loves chewing on them and also pressing the buttons which create different noises and make little lights flash. They're supposed to be for 12months+ but he still enjoys playing with them!

3. Bright Starts Sensory Balls - These come in a pack of three and are great at helping your baby to practice crawling as they roll away from them and also coordinate how to grab and keep hold of a round object.


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