Thursday, 29 October 2015

What I Ate...While Pregnant

I love reading posts about what people eat, and I had all the intentions to photograph everything I ate today...but forgot. So I had a look through my photos and found some pictures of what I had eaten one day when I was pregnant.

Wholegrain rice cakes, two boiled eggs and ketchup.
Tea and a glass of orange juice.

I pretty much eat this everyday. I realise it does not look or sound very appealing, but I love it! In fact, while being pregnant I loved it so much, that I was actually looking forward to getting home from a holiday so I could have it! I just find it is much less bloating than eggs on toast.


Two slices of wholegrain toast, mozzarella, chicken slices, chopped tomato and basil drizzled with olive oil.


Apple, Babybel and teaspoon of peanut butter.


Steak (well done), Chips and vegetables.


I think I may have had a bag of chocolate (or two) after this as well...I can't go to bed without pudding :P


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What my Baby Loves #1 (Six Months Old)

There are three toys that James will drag himself across his playpen for and which I would highly recommend to any mummy's out there, or anyone buying a present for a 6 month old.

1. V-tech Little Singing Cody - Cody fascinates James. He sings, lights up and speaks to your baby.

2. Early Learning Centre Keys - These came in a set along with a phone and remote control, but the keys are definitely James' favourite as he loves chewing on them and also pressing the buttons which create different noises and make little lights flash. They're supposed to be for 12months+ but he still enjoys playing with them!

3. Bright Starts Sensory Balls - These come in a pack of three and are great at helping your baby to practice crawling as they roll away from them and also coordinate how to grab and keep hold of a round object.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Autumn Skincare

I start out by taking off all my makeup using Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water. I've used this for ages and included it in a previous skincare post. It's gentle and does a brilliant job at removing all traces of the days grime! I then massage Ren's Hot Cloth Cleanser onto my face and remove with a warm muslin cloth. Sometimes I'll give it a second go if I had a particularly heavy face of makeup.

If I'm not fake tanning I will give my face a spritz of Lush Breath of Fresh Air, then apply Boots Cucumber eye gel and finally Lush Vanishing Cream to my face. The Lush toner makes my face feel refreshed, but I'm not sure if it does a lot other than that. I prefer to use Vanishing Cream on my face at night as opposed to a specifically made night cream because all the ones I've tried are so heavy! As for the eye gel, it's pretty cheap but does a good job at soothing tired eyes.

In the morning I use Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash which is for normal/combination skin. It can be a bit drying so I prefer to only use it once a day as I don't like to strip my face of natural oils - I believe that's a cause of many breakouts! After I spritz with Lush Breath of Fresh Air, apply Boots Cucumber eye gel and then use Nivea Day Cream for normal/combination skin. I love this cream as it contains spf15, leaves no oily residue and costs about £2 on offer. 

For those days I have hideous skin I use Ren's Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask. This face mask is great for getting your skin perfectly clean but doesn't dry it out. Not sure whether it's claim to reduce the appearance of pore size is true though...I will have to pay a bit more attention next time I use it!

Speak to you soon

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

James' Six Month Update

I can't believe it's been half a year already..but here it is, James' six month update!

Sleep & Routine

I really pushed since he was 12 weeks to get a consistent bedtime routine from 6pm-6am and it's paid off for the most part. He was sleeping through for a while, then went through a phase of waking every 3 hours, then more than that and now he feeds twice a night at about 1 then 4. I need to make sure he gets a lot of sleep at night because his daytime naps are so short. Up until the 6 month mark I tried to put him down for a nap two hours after he last woke..A typical day looked something like this:
6am - Wake up
8am - Nap
8.30am - Wake up
10.30am - Nap
11.00am - Wake up
1.00pm - Nap
1.30pm - Wake up
3.30pm - Nap
4.00pm  - Wake up
5.30pm - Bath then feed
6.00pm - Bed
Now he's turned 6 months he has started having 3 naps most days, but timings are all off at the moment and we're all over the place. And by the afternoon it's so hard to get him to sleep that I have to take him out in the pram.


We only started weaning one week before James was six months, but so far he's taken to it really well. In the first week he had baby rice, carrot, sweet potato, banana, apple and pear. He's not too keen on fruit but loves everything else. I've been cooking all his meals myself and I've really enjoyed it so far - I can imagine that will wear off though.


By six months he was able to sit up unaided for short periods of time, but didn't pull himself into a sitting position by himself till he was 6 months 1 week.

He's rolling about all over the place and gets himself into a crawl position but can't quite work out how to manoeuvre his arms and legs just yet.

He can crawl backwards.

He giggles if tickled and smiles all the time at everyone and everything. I even find him giggling and smiling at our spotlights on the ceiling sometimes! He's such a happy baby and rarely cries, except for if he's woken up too hot and when we took him to swimming lessons.

He's able to entertain himself for long periods of time now, which is fantastic because between 4 and 5 months he got wound up quite often as he wanted to move about but couldn't. I can now get a lot more done, but with weaning that extra time is getting used up cooking and washing up (typical,eh!?).


James is feeding at least every two hours in the day. He's a grazer, just like his mummy! Breastfeeding is such a breeze and a joy now. I'm so glad I stuck with it those first six weeks because I could have so easily given up. It really affected my relationship with James in the early weeks as I resented being the only one who could feed him and I was just so tired. I could have asked for a lot more help and asked his grandparents to come round and cuddle him while I slept but instead I felt the need to keep on top of housework and try to do everything myself. If we were to have another baby, I would not make that mistake again. It's so important to ask for help and not try to be a martyr. Your health and relationship with your baby is far more important!

By the any mums starting out on their breastfeeding journey, it really can help you to lose weight, especially by the time your baby is six months. I eat such fatty foods some days and feel as though I must have gained weight, but I'm now 4 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Of course I'm sure if you really went to town may not work :)

Weight and clothing size

He's still in most of his 3-6 month clothing and some 6-9 (with sleeves rolled up). James is a fairly small baby and was in the 25th centile at his last weigh-in, but I don't think he's put on much weight since then so may have dropped to the 9th. I need to take him to the baby clinic to check.

That's all I can think of for this month's update. Now I'm off to finish dinner cause there are things in the kitchen beeping at me.
Thank you for reading!
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