Thursday, 27 August 2015

August Baby Favourites

I've been looking at my beauty products and wondering to myself what have been my favourites for the month of August, but I don't feel as if anything has changed much and I'm always using the same things.

So instead, I thought I would show you some of James and my favourite baby items.


Sophie the Giraffe
If I give this to James he can play and chew on it for up to almost an hour - he just loves it! It may be a bit pricey at £12.99, but I think it's definitely been money well spent. Our Cockapoo Milo really wants to play with it fact most of James' toys, Milo wants!

Tesco Ultra Soft Wipes
We were using WaterWipes at first as they were supposed to be really gentle on a newborn babies skin, but since James is now nearly five months I have been trying other brands and these Tesco wipes are really great value for money and haven't irritated his skin at all. We also tried the Tesco fragrance free wipes, but I found them to be a weird material that didn't wipe easily.

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules
James has definitely had some sort of teething pain for the past few months but no teeth as of yet. I think it's the teeth moving around under the gums causing him some discomfort, and these teething granules seem to work quite well at the moment when he's angrily shoving his hands in his mouth.


Fisher Price Jumperoo
This is THE best toy we have bought, by far!! At first he seemed a bit unsure, but I think he was just amazed at all the lights, sounds and objects he could explore. He wants to be sat up rather than lay down now, so his playmat will only entertain him for a short while before he shouts at me to get him up. Whereas with the Jumperoo I am always getting him out way before he appears to be bored of it. I managed to buy it for £74.99 from Amazon which is considerably cheaper than most places I've seen it, so do look around for bargains.


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