Wednesday, 10 June 2015

James is Two Months Old!

I've been absolutely rubbish at blogging, not because looking after James takes all my time, but because I've been very lazy in my free time or spending it with friends and family. But I've got lots of posts in mind that I want to write up and some videos I want to make (fingers crossed).

The mess of toys in the background are Milo's (my Cockapoo).

So James is officially two months old today and since I last posted so much has changed!

Weight/Length: We went for our 6-8 week postpartum checkup last Monday and James weighed 11.2lbs, this puts him in the 50th centile. He was also measured for the first time and is 57cm which puts him just below the 50th centile for length.

Routine: I've relaxed myself a little when it comes to getting him into a routine as I know he will eventually settle into one. For now he sleeps from about 9.30/10 in the evening to about 9 in the morning, and then has a couple of naps in the day that will vary in time, We also bathe him everyday between 6 and 8.

Sleeping: As I mentioned above he sleeps from 9.30-9, but not in one long stretch, he still wakes every 3 hours or so (but has done a few 5-6 hour stretches). He sleeps in the same room as my husband and I which I think hinders how early he falls asleep, but I don't mind at the moment as he is still so young. He also still naps throughout the day quite a bit, but there's not a real pattern to them at the moment, except his one long nap from 12/1 - 3/4.

Eating/Feeding: I'm still breastfeeding and it's going so well now! Once I got past the first 4-5 weeks it got so much easier and I relaxed and felt happier to feed James whenever he wanted. When we're at home I'll feed him when he demands it which is usually every 2-3 hours. When we're out I do try to space his feeds a bit longer with a dummy if he seems to be rooting after an hour or two, but obviously if the dummy doesn't settle him I'll feed him. I know a lot of people are a bit funny about dummies, but they've been a lifesaver for us because sometimes no amount of comforting will work and a dummy will settle James straight away. I also think they're fantastic when you're out and about (with the car seat in particular) because if I can't pick him up to comfort him a dummy always makes him feel better!

Sizes: He's fitting perfectly into 0-3 month clothing and has just moved into Pampers size 3 nappies. I have got a few size 2 nappies left that I'm trying to use up but I have to be careful to not put him in them when he does his poops! We've had many poo explosions!!

Milestones: Smiling in reaction to people all the time, babbling, cooing, sort of giggling, interested in looking at toys and (although I don't know whether this is really a milestone) he's started making this sad face sometimes when he cries that is really cute/heartbreaking, he puts his bottom lip out like an older child would. But sometimes he'll do this then start's like he already knows how to get exactly what he wants :) Oh and he always stares at Milo and smiles at him - so sweet!!




  1. So wonderful to read that things are going well, and that things have improved for you both in terms of feeding and that you are now enjoying that time!

  2. Thank you! It is so much easier now and everyone who told me it would get better after a couple of months was right. It's just hard to see the light when your hormones are driving you crazy - the 6-8 week mark sounded like a lifetime away.


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