Thursday, 18 June 2015

Newborn Essentials


Muslin Swaddles
I use these for everything. As a blanket, cover from the sun, to swaddle, mop up sick, over my shoulder when burping, tummy time blanket, as a sheet, under his head while feeding (milk tends to leak everywhere)...the list could go on forever. I have bought most of my swaddles from Aden & Anais, but also have some really cute London print ones from Piccalilly. We have over ten of these, which may seem excessive, but even with a white load of washing going on 4-5 times a week I still sometimes have no spare ones in the cupboard.


Vibrating chair
We didn't have one of these when James was first born, but it would have saved a lot of stress if we had. We bought the Graco Duet Rocker when he was a few weeks old and it's made my life so much easier. I could not get half the things around the house done without it and sometimes it soothes him more than cuddling him. It also comes with a bar that you can hang toys off of!


Mam Dummies
These are the only dummies James seems to like and they come with a microwave steaming box. I know some people are against dummies, but they work well for James either for spacing out feeds or if we're out and he's unhappy or unsettled in the pram they help to comfort him till I can pick him up. I used to feel guilty or like I was doing something wrong giving him one, but now I just think if my baby likes them then it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks!

A changing table/station
We originally just had a changing mat that we pulled out on the bathroom floor when we needed it, but this was so impractical for us. So we bought a £25 table from Ikea that is fabulous and makes life a lot easier (even though it takes up what little room we have in our bedroom).


Mamas and Papas Acqua two stage ergo bath
This bath has a side for your newborn to lay in and a side for when your baby is sitting up. It's great because you don't have to hold your baby while they're in the bath which leaves your hands free to wash them, grab their towel..etc. The only downside is that it is huge!

Milton AntiBacterial Handgel
I love this handgel as it doesn't seem to dry my hands out. I always have a bottle at our changing table.

Lots of sleepsuits and bodysuits
This does depend on your lifestyle, but we spend lots of our time at home at the minute, so I don't put James in an outfit everyday. And, for the first month I didn't have any outfits for him, just sleepsuits because it was so much easier! He's also quite prone to drinking too much milk and spitting it back up and also having massive poo explosions! Although we do lots of washing throughout the week, we're often running out of sleepsuits. My favourites are from Next as they have built in scratch mitts, aren't stupidly expensive and wash really well. The best quality have to be Jojo Maman Bebe, but at £15 a pop, I doubt I'll be buying many more of them - I bought most of James' off EBay for half the price six months ago. As for bodysuits, I just go for the £2,75 basic white 3-pack from Tesco.

This removes all the poo stains from white clothes and gets rid of bacteria, but it is quite harsh on clothing so I only use it on items that really need it.

Do you have any essentials you couldn't live without when your baby first arrived?


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Very Late May Favourites

(Please excuse how grubby my Nars packaging is..but that is the reality with Nars)

L'oreal True Match Foundation
I wasn't totally sold on this foundation at first as it took a lot of blending to get a nice finish, but since giving birth my skin seems to have become less oily and now I love it!! It's so easy to work with and gives a lovely soft finish. I also like the fact it contains SPF17.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser
I know I mentioned in a previous post that I was trying to buy cheaper makeup and skincare, but I've got a couple of tubes left of this (bought a couple in an ASOS sale) and I do absolutely adore this product. It's like no other tinted moisturiser out there as it gives such amazing coverage and really perks up the skin. I have this in Light 2 - Alaska, which is best when I've just used fake tan, but it does blend quite easily so I could get away with this when I'm paler. This contains SPF30 so is great for holidays, which is when I usually wear this the most.


Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
Being a new mummy, I have very dark circles most of the time, so illuminating concealers are a fact concealers in general are a must. I love this because it brightens under my eyes, doesn't crease and is budget friendly.


Nuxe Reve De Miel
I have been meaning to buy this for (whats seems like) years after so many bloggers/vloggers have raved about it. This lip balm is without a doubt, the best I've ever used. Before this I was using Lanolips 101 Ointment, which is really good too, but it just doesn't compare to the results this gives.

I've been obsessed with Once Upon a Time the past few weeks which is a TV series all about fairy tales. I loved it so much, i'm tempted to watch it again. Since giving birth (and spending a lot of time sitting around breastfeeding) I've also watched Call the Midwife, the first series of American Horror Story and many, many films. Netflix is a must for me these past few months!

Minstrels & Tea
Tea keeps me going and Minstrels are my mummy evening treat.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

James is Two Months Old!

I've been absolutely rubbish at blogging, not because looking after James takes all my time, but because I've been very lazy in my free time or spending it with friends and family. But I've got lots of posts in mind that I want to write up and some videos I want to make (fingers crossed).

The mess of toys in the background are Milo's (my Cockapoo).

So James is officially two months old today and since I last posted so much has changed!

Weight/Length: We went for our 6-8 week postpartum checkup last Monday and James weighed 11.2lbs, this puts him in the 50th centile. He was also measured for the first time and is 57cm which puts him just below the 50th centile for length.

Routine: I've relaxed myself a little when it comes to getting him into a routine as I know he will eventually settle into one. For now he sleeps from about 9.30/10 in the evening to about 9 in the morning, and then has a couple of naps in the day that will vary in time, We also bathe him everyday between 6 and 8.

Sleeping: As I mentioned above he sleeps from 9.30-9, but not in one long stretch, he still wakes every 3 hours or so (but has done a few 5-6 hour stretches). He sleeps in the same room as my husband and I which I think hinders how early he falls asleep, but I don't mind at the moment as he is still so young. He also still naps throughout the day quite a bit, but there's not a real pattern to them at the moment, except his one long nap from 12/1 - 3/4.

Eating/Feeding: I'm still breastfeeding and it's going so well now! Once I got past the first 4-5 weeks it got so much easier and I relaxed and felt happier to feed James whenever he wanted. When we're at home I'll feed him when he demands it which is usually every 2-3 hours. When we're out I do try to space his feeds a bit longer with a dummy if he seems to be rooting after an hour or two, but obviously if the dummy doesn't settle him I'll feed him. I know a lot of people are a bit funny about dummies, but they've been a lifesaver for us because sometimes no amount of comforting will work and a dummy will settle James straight away. I also think they're fantastic when you're out and about (with the car seat in particular) because if I can't pick him up to comfort him a dummy always makes him feel better!

Sizes: He's fitting perfectly into 0-3 month clothing and has just moved into Pampers size 3 nappies. I have got a few size 2 nappies left that I'm trying to use up but I have to be careful to not put him in them when he does his poops! We've had many poo explosions!!

Milestones: Smiling in reaction to people all the time, babbling, cooing, sort of giggling, interested in looking at toys and (although I don't know whether this is really a milestone) he's started making this sad face sometimes when he cries that is really cute/heartbreaking, he puts his bottom lip out like an older child would. But sometimes he'll do this then start's like he already knows how to get exactly what he wants :) Oh and he always stares at Milo and smiles at him - so sweet!!


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