Friday, 8 May 2015

Three to Four Weeks Postpartum

This post was quite a struggle to get up today...I really never realised just how little time you do have spare when you have a newborn baby to look after, even with lots of help from family.


Weight: I took James to the clinic on Wednesday and he weighed 9lbs which is fantastic! He's put on nearly 2lbs in just under 4 weeks.

Routine: As I wrote for the past few weeks, his routine mainly consists of waking for feeds at particular times which is usually every 3 hours. On a bad day he will cluster feed and be attached to me for hours at a time but I'm getting used to it now and just telling myself that it won't last that long and to enjoy the cuddles. He's not that interested in his play-mat yet so that's not part of our routine and he's only had a few baths so far, but by 6 weeks I want to start a bedtime routine and add in bath time.

Sleeping: He sleeps quite well and wakes for a feed at approximately 11pm, 2am, 5am and then 8am. He also still sleeps a lot throughout the day and only really has long periods where he's more awake in the morning (8-11) and the evening (6-9).

Eating/Feeding: James is eating every 3 hours. As I think I may have mentioned previously, I've been expressing milk and he's quite happily taken it from the bottle and doesn't even mind when it's cold straight from the fridge.

Sizes: For the past week and a half he's been in 0-1 Month clothes and a few 0-3 Month trousers and cardigans which is really exciting because I only bought plain white sleepsuits and bodysuits in Newborn. I'm looking forward to him fitting into all his little outfits.

Milestones: He's babbling a lot more, stares and focuses on ours faces and is constantly surveying his environment.

Difficulties/Hurdles: I thought I'd add in a little section on anything that's been difficult to deal with, particularly seen as I'm a new mummy and everyday is a learning curve for me.
- Cluster feeding and evening fussiness has been quite constant over the last couple of weeks. I've found that a dummy has helped tremendously and hasn't affected breastfeeding at all. Sometimes James is just quite fussy and wants to suck for comfort, but letting him suck for hours at my boobs not only hurts but also starts to make him fussier after a while because the milk isn't fast enough for his liking so he starts hitting and headbutting them. A dummy helps to prolong the gap between feeds.
- Wind and straining to poop. He's not constipated but makes so much noise and seems quite uncomfortable when trying to poo or pass wind. I've not found much of a solution to this, but am going to try Gripe Water once he's one month old this Sunday.
- Breastfeeding was quite difficult a couple of weeks ago as I found it quite lonely and isolating but I'm starting to find it better now and since using dummies I know if we're out and about I can sooth him with one till I find somewhere suitable to feed, so that's one less worry on my mind, The only thing that is frustrating with breastfeeding at the moment is when he starts hitting my chest to make the milk come faster...he gets quite angry and does these loud annoyed screams at me.
- Sicking up/possetting. James spits up a did seem to slow down for a little bit around week 3 when he seemed to be having a growth spurt (not sure why) but he's back to constantly bringing up little bits of milk. Some have suggested reflux but he never seems to be in pain and he's putting on weight, so it's more of a laundry issue rather than anything that makes him uncomfortable. I think it's possible that my let down reflex is quite fast because he sometimes coughs and pulls away from me when feeding.

As for me...I feel great. I've got about 8lbs left to lose to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight and am just waiting for the all clear from my doctor to be able to start exercising properly. My blood pressure is starting to go down and my bloodshot eye (which developed during labour) has cleared up. The only thing I really need to work on is pelvic floor's a bit embarrassing but I'm sure most ladies who've had babies have to deal with this. If you're reading this and haven't given birth before, it really is so difficult to control your bladder (in particular) the week after. I thought everything was back to normal for the past few weeks until I got a cough...let's just say I need to make sure to prepare myself and do a kegal before coughing or sneezing.

To sum up this first month...
One day is wonderful and the next is truly challenging. Hormones took control of my emotions and have left me a crying wreck. But the love I have for my little boy grows day after day like I never knew it could. And to see my husband stare at our son with pure love and adoration makes all the hard times melt away.

Ps: Sorry for any typos..I'm writing this one handed while rocking from side to side :P


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