Monday, 20 April 2015

One Week Postpartum

On Friday 10th April at 3.54 James was born weighing 7lb3. I was 39+4 weeks pregnant and although I always thought this little guy would arrive early, it was a total shock when it happened! I am going to write up a post all about my labour and delivery in the next few weeks, so I won't talk too much about that today.


Height/Weight: I'm not sure what length he was when he was born or what he is now, but his weight was 7lb3 and when my midwife came round to check on us he had put on 2oz. Most babies lose a bit of weight after birth but he didn't, so that's really reassuring, especially since I am breastfeeding.

Routine: He's got himself into a little feeding routine for the most part, and will wake up every 2 and a half to 3 hours to feed. Having said that I have had a few days where he's fed every hour for a few hours, which is really hard going seen as I'm breastfeeding and the only one who can feed him at the moment. I do want to do a full post on breastfeeding because it's been very up and down for me.

Sleeping: He sleeps pretty well at nighttime and wakes usually at about 11pm, 2am, 5am and then 7-8am. I've got used to having 6 hours of broken sleep a night and actually function pretty well with this, but I think breastfeeding makes this easier because I don't really have to get up unless he needs a nappy change.

Eating/Feeding: As I mentioned above, he feeds every 2 and a half to 3 hours. The only problem we have with eating at the moment is that he spits up a lot and seems to get a bit of wind discomfort - he can get quite grizzly and fussy, but never really cries about it. In the first five days or so he pooped all the time and they were very liquidy (as breastfed babies poo can be) but he's not doing as many now and I think this may be related to his gassiness.

Sizes: He fits newborn and up to 1 month if the sleeves are rolled up. 

Milestones: It's hard to say what has changed as the week has gone on as we've just been getting used to each other.


Recovery: I had an uncomplicated delivery without epidural and no stitches, so my recovery has been pretty quick. I had one day where it did hurt to pee, but that was on about day 5 or 6 and I think it had to do with everything sort of tightening up again. I was very sore and tired for a couple of days and also swollen down there (which by the way was the most horrifying part for me after birth as I hadn't realised how much swelling would occur) but that's completely gone down now. Bleeding has slowed down loads, which I think is helped along by breastfeeding, and I had one day with intense cramps as my uterus was contracting back.


Body: I've lost 20lbs and am down to 9st10, so I have 13lbs more to lose. I can't believe how quick it's come off, but I don't think I've been eating a huge amount and what with breastfeeding I guess I'm burning more than I'm consuming. I also think I have definitely had the baby blues this week and when I'm feeling depressed I don't really eat!


I'm having to finish this post one handed as someone is a little grouchy now. Hopefully I have included everything I wanted to.

Thanks for reading...and if you have any advice or tips for a gassy baby, I'd love to know.



  1. Congratulations! So precious
    Try to get lots of rest in when you can, it gets easier the more they get into a routine x


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