Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Raising Milo

Who knew raising a puppy was such hard work?

When I first bought my little one home, I didn't quite anticipate how tiring and difficult the first couple of months can be. At times it seems like you're going round in circles with accidents and destruction happening on a daily basis. But it does get better.

Milo is a Cockapoo, which is a mixture of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. The breed has become pretty popular and I seem to see them everywhere now! I think it partly has to do with that they're hypoallergenic, don't shed and are extremely smart, but also they're bloody adorable.

When we got Milo we were still living at my mum's right at the top of the house, which made toilet training really difficult as ideally it's best to put young puppies out every half hour or so. We relied heavily on puppy pads at first and they worked great (although he did miss from time to time). However, we started to realise when he was about 14 weeks that having those out in our bedroom was giving him the signal that it was OK to go in the house, so we ditched them and with perseverance he was fully trained within a couple of weeks. 

From the beginning we bought a Lindam Pet Pen, which can be used to divide a room or made into a pen. It was fantastic for keeping him safe when we were out and to sleep in at night. Another option we had was to put him in a crate, but we much preferred the pet pen and it's lucky because anytime he has been put in a crate, he's absolutely hated it. We had made the choice to have him sleep in the pen for a couple of years, but at about seven months he managed to leap over the sides. It's now stored away until our baby arrives as it is pretty much identical to the Lindam Baby Pens.

When it comes to chewing, bones are fantastic for keeping young puppies occupied. Unfortunately rawhide is supposed to not be given to dogs under 4 months, but our little one got hold of a bit from our older dog and was obsessed, so we had to search Pets At Home for an alternative. There aren't many that are suitable for little pups but we did find an antler which he loved and still loves now!

Milo is now 10 months old and considerably hairier than the pictures in this post, in fact at the moment he looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars. 

But he is still just as cheeky as he is in the photo below! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. It's quite different from what I've put up in the past, but I want to add in things that are a bit more personal and not necessarily just about beauty and fashion.


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