Saturday, 7 March 2015

High-street foundations worth trying

I've been religiously using Nars Sheer Glow for the past few years now, but in a bid to save some money, I chose not to repurchase when it ran out. Instead, I have been using some high-street bases that I already had in my makeup stash and I have to admit, they are bloody good!


First up is Rimmel Wake Me Up, which I have in the shade Ivory (100). This is perfect for days when your skin needs a little boost as it contains tiny bits of shimmer that fake a flawless, healthy complexion. I can't say whether this would be any good when you have some serious breakouts going on, but it's wonderful for when your skin looks lackluster and a bit grey.  

The second from Rimmel is Match Perfection, again in shade Ivory. This gives more coverage than Wake Me Up, but I find I have to add in a bit more glow with something like Mac's Lightscapade or Nars Deep Throat. It does claim to be illuminating, but I don't feel it is - perhaps it's because I'm comparing it to Wake Me Up. I still love it though, particularly when I've got more to hide.

Bourjois Healthy Mix (Vanilla 52) is a base I have loved for years now because every time I use it I feel that my face is glowing and healthy. I think it may have something to do with the shades being more golden toned which instantly perks up my skin. I'm not sure how much I believe the fruit therapy blurb on the front of the bottle but it certainly smells lovely and fruity. One thing to note with this one is that it may not be as great for dryer skin types as it is semi-matte.

L'oreal True Match is the newest addition to my collection. It states that over two weeks your skin will look healthier and feel smoother but I can't comment on this because I do always mix up what I use. However, I can say that it evens out my skin nicely and covers up where I need it. The main downside is that I think I probably could have done with a slightly darker shade than Golden Ivory as it can make me look a bit ghostly especially the day after I've used my gradual tanner. 

What other high-street foundations have you used and loved? I'm definitely going to try and head to Boots or Superdrug from now on.


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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing I really want to try the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation xx


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