Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hand Saving Products!

The cold weather and constant cleaning around the home has my hands looking and feeling absolutely rubbish. They're dry, itchy and sore if I don't keep up a good routine.

Here are a few of my favourite products...

Vaseline Healthy Hands and Strong Nails has been a staple in my cupboard and handbag for years now. It sinks in within a minute to leave your hands soft but not greasy and has the added benefit of strengthening your nails too as it contains keratin.

Garnier Handrepair is meant for extra dry skin, so it's fantastic for bedtime. I like to slap on a nice thick layer and leave to sink in. I also find that a bit of Sudocrem on sore knuckles works a treat!


When it comes to cuticles I use a combination of Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil and Lanolips 101 Ointment. The Apricot Oil is great for when I'm doing my nails and also helps to dry nail polish quicker if applied gently after your final topcoat. Lanolips is a multipurpose balm that I find is best applied at nighttime along with the products mentioned above.

Finally Handy Gurugu from Lush. Although I do like to use this on my hands at night occasionally, this is a product I prefer to use on my feet. It intensely hydrates extremely dry skin on the soles and it doesn't even need to be applied daily to keep feet soft!

What products would you recommend?


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