Thursday, 19 March 2015

Calming Irritated Skin!

Being pale means that when my skin is angry, every vein, eye bag and scar is hideously exposed for all to see. Fake tan works at hiding some of these problems but it doesn't really fix anything. It acts more like a band-aid (or plaster as we say in the UK, but that doesn't really have the same ring to it).

I would usually use products containing salicylic acid to brighten my complexion and remove dead skin cells, but being pregnant means I'm not allowed to. So instead I've had to use something more gentle to calm down my skin.

Enter, Catastrophe Cosmetic, a Fresh Face Mask from Lush. It contains chamomile and calamine to soothe the skin, and great big chunks of blueberry that are rich in anti-oxidants (yep, I'm just paraphrasing Lush's blurb on the packaging).


If you've never used a face mask from Lush before, there is one thing to note, these must be kept in the fridge as they are fresh! And because they're fresh they also only last for about one month, so you have to make sure you slap it on a couple of times a week to use up the product.

Overall, it isn't some miraculous product that will make your skin completely free of redness.  But, it does leave the skin soft, plump and perfectly cleansed, while also calming inflammation. Also, the fact that it has to be kept in the fridge means it's lovely and cooling on the skin!


Catastrophe Cosmetic currently retails for £6.50 or you can get one for free if you take back 5 empty, clean Lush pots.

Have you tried the Lush Fresh Face Masks?


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