Thursday, 26 March 2015

Blogger Issues and Third Trimester Woes

I'm currently sat in bed, finished all the housework for this morning and my right hand is throbbing...Oh the joys of the third trimester. Who knew that being pregnant could cause tingling and numbness in your hands!? If anyone has any tips on how to ease the discomfort, I would very much appreciate it!

So, another really simple outfit today. I'm all about the comfort right now as my bump is getting huge! 


My jeans are the only maternity item I'm wearing and they're from Asos. They've got the band at the front and sit on your hips, rather than going all the way over the bump. I'll admit they're not the most flattering of jeans - they sag throughout the day at the knees, crotch, bum etc.. But, they're comfy and I honestly don't know whether there are many maternity jeans out there that look amazing because the material needs to give a bit for swelling and growth.


The tartan shirt I've had for ages - it's a lovely warm, soft material and a bit longer in length so covers the sagging jean situation.

The star item of this outfit though, is a relatively new addition to my wardrobe and by far the cheapest. It's another Primark Stretch Vest Dress, and it costs £3.50. These things are amazing for maternity wear and I highly suggest picking a few up if you are currently with bump :)

Jeans - Maternity Ridley Ankle Grazer from Asos (similar)
Tank Top - Primark Stretch Vest Dress
Tartan Shirt - The label says Ellos..I think it's a Swedish brand and I bough it years ago, but eBay has lots of plaid and tartan shirts.

Just wanna put this out there again in case anyone may be able to help. I've had trouble with my blog posts showing up in the Blogger reading list since switching to a custom domain. If anyone knows how to fix this, I would be so grateful for any advice. I keep hoping everyday that it may have miraculously fixed itself.



  1. Awww you look lovely and your bump is so stylish! Basics are always a winner and nothing beats white tee, plain and jeans! :)


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