Saturday, 21 March 2015

An Everyday Glow

A nice orange tinge is a must have for me. I rarely go more than a few days without slapping on fake tan!

For over a year now these products have been my go-to fake tanners when I went a nice natural glow.


First up Xen-Tan Face Tanner. I prefer to use a tanner specifically made for the face to prevent clogging my pores. This is a gradual tanner that contains antioxidants to help protect the skin from environmental factors. It's suitable for all skin types and can be used everyday, but I prefer to use it every couple of days to give my skin a subtle glow that doesn't build up too dark.

For my chest, arms and the top of my back I like to use Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel and blend it down into my stomach with Dove Summer Glow in Medium to Dark. As my stomach and lower back are rarely on show I don't want to use an expensive product like the Luminous Gold Gel all over my body. The gel gives you an instant golden sheen, is easy to apply, dries really quickly (absolutely no tackiness) and develops into a gorgeous glow the next day. It also smells incredible!

As I mentioned above, I use Dove Summer Glow in Medium to Dark on my lower back and stomach, but I also apply it to my legs. It's not as dark or as luxurious a product as the Xen-Tan gel, but as these parts of my body aren't on show too much I don't bother making them as dark as my arms and chest. Dove Summer Glow is such an affordable lotion that seems to have become a bit of a cult favourite.

If I did want a darker tan all over I'd probably use something like St Moriz or Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan, but I will do a full post on those products soon.

Are there any products you would recommend?


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  1. This Xen Tan face tanner definitely got me interested, taking care of my face WHIST tanning - perfect! Great post!


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