Monday, 23 March 2015

37 Week Pregnancy Update - Full Term


How far along? 37 weeks today.
Total weight gain: 29lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes for the most part, except in the photos in this post my top is from Topshop Petite range and I'm wearing Primark Mickey Mouse Pj bottoms :)
Stretch marks? Underside of my boobs (really faint) and a tiny one above my belly button piercing. I've not actually got the piercing in at the moment because I kept catching the pregnancy bar I bought.
Sleep: Sleep is awful. My hips and back ache when I wake up, and I'm also getting quite bad Carpal Tunnel which is worse in the morning. I found that scrunching up a blanket under and around my bump makes it more comfortable - more so than my pregnancy pillow.
Best moment this week: Saw my little boy again at my growth scan. But this was kind of a good and bad moment. His weight is great, in fact he's right on track...but he has a slightly larger head circumference (not unsurprising I don't think we're a small headed family) and that is somewhat terrifying to me - I have to push him out at some stage soon!!
Miss anything? I miss not aching. I miss feeling comfortable. And I cannot wait for a glass of wine!
Food cravings: Nothing specific...I'll eat anything.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I got sick twice when my husband and I went out a couple of weeks ago, but since then I've been fine.
Gender: Boy!
Labour signs: Braxton hicks, back pain, slightly too speedy digestion, shooting pain at the top of my right leg and I had menstrual cramps for a few hours last week that eased off in the evening. Baby's head is 2 or 3 5th's engaged according to my midwife, which is really good and explains the pressure down there!
Symptoms: Still getting some heartburn depending on what I eat. Carpal Tunnel, which is aching and pins and needles in your hands. I walk funny now because his head is really pressing on the right side of my pelvis.
Belly button in or out? I keep saying it's out, but it's only just slightly out. I've seen some women who have it really sticking out!
Wedding rings on or off: I've managed to get one ring off that I always wear, but my wedding and engagement rings are stuck!
Happy or moody most of the time: Moody and snappy! Apparently this is normal and can be a sign of pre-labor at this point.
Looking forward to: I'm in a state of 'living in the moment' right now because if I think too much about his arrival time will drag or I'll get really freaked out about birth. I've just been focusing on blogging lots (which I'm loving right now).


Leave me your links if you're doing pregnancy updates or if you have a parenting blog...I'd love to add it to my blog roll!



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