Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fluffy for work

It's finally the time of year to pull out the knitwear and cosy up in layers. I always thought I was a summer person, but after working in the heat and stressing over what to wear that was semi professional this past summer, I've firmly become a lover of the cooler weather!
This fluffy knit cardigan was a purchase I made earlier on in the year from Asos, but you can find similar versions in many shops, including Primark. The dress is made by Motel and was also from Asos, but slightly more recently, so may still be available. It's a drop waist dress that doesn't entirely flatter my pear shape figure, but when worn with a longer cardigan or blazer I'm happy.


Cardigan - Asos
Dress - Motel
Necklace - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
It's my day off so I'm off to the hairdresser today to get bleached up some more and have a slight fringe put back in. Then I'll be spending the afternoon doing a bit of work, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and catching up on reality TV. Who is loving TOWIE and Made in Chelsea at the moment!? Because I am obsessed!!
Speak to you soon

Friday, 18 October 2013

Primark Jewels

Hello...Hi! Yes it's me! I shan't go on about where I've been as I'm sure you're all thoroughly bored of my excuses. I just miss blogging so much sometimes and I had to get myself on here and write!
So, I popped into Primark yesterday down on Tottenham Court Road and as is always the case, I did not leave empty handed. I'm a bit obsessed with necklaces at the moment - in particular big statement pieces that bling up the most boring of t-shirts.
So here is what I got!! Ahh look at the beautifullness...

The most expensive of the four is the limited edition necklace in the middle, but even that was only £8. Eight Pounds!!!

I shall definitely not be letting myself step into Topshop at the minute when Primark has such lovely affordable pieces to offer.

These will most certainly be featured soon in some outfit posts..I promise!

See you soon

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