Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In Bruges

Often described as the Venice of the North, Bruges is a beautiful place to visit for a relaxing weekend. With its breathtaking churches and peaceful aura, it captures the heart of most who visit.
In the winter when the night sets in, the lights are especially stunning and create a romantic atmosphere perfect for a stroll around the town. If you stick to the back streets it not only seems as though you have the place to your self, but it is also has a particularly medieval feel and you can truly see how old Bruges is. As Harry (Ralph Feinns) says in In Bruges, it's a fairy-tale town; please note, if you haven't seen the film, watch it, it's brilliant!
Things I would recommend doing:
  • Take a canal tour - you can see much more of the town this way and it's always nice to learn a bit more about a town/city by having a guide.
  • Visit the Markt - a square in the centre full of horse-drawn carriages, charming buildings and the fabulous belfry towering above you.
  • Eat Belgian chocolates (they're not like anything you can buy in the UK) and drink Belgian beer.

Have you been to Bruges?

Monday, 9 December 2013

Monochrome Florals

Keeping with the Primark themed outfits, here is another item I picked up recently - a monochrome flower print dress.
The quality of Primark's dresses seems to have gone up quite a bit recently; this is made of a nice, harder wearing fabric than the £5 jersey dresses they sell! Don't get me wrong, it's not like something you would buy from Asos or Topshop but it's good quality for the price (which by the way, I think was about £15).
Speaking of Asos...I've gone a little crazy recently with all their 20% off on weekends and have bought some gorgeous swing dresses. Post will come soon!

Hat - H&M
Cardigan - ASOS
Dress - Primark
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Primark

Speak soon...

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bedroom Snippets


Heart tea light holder - John Lewis
Disney figurines - Charity shop and gifts
White shabby chic heart - Primark
Beatrix Potter teacup - Wedgwood (1st birthday gift I think)

I love seeing how people decorate their homes and having a look at all the little trinkets they own, so I thought I'd snap a few random pictures of my bedroom to share with you all!

I sometimes think I'd love to have my room very minimal, but it will never happen, I'm too much of a hoarder and love collecting bits and bobs. It's nice to have things around you that remind you of something or someone - I've got lots of things from my grandma and mum that I treasure!

In a couple of months time we should be moving into our own flat so I've been searching round looking for inspiration for decorating. The kitchen and bathroom have been planned out, but the bedroom and living room is yet to be decided. I'm kind of leaning towards white furniture in the bedroom but I don't know whether I can convince the other half!

How have you decorated your room/flat/house? I would love to see posts or pictures...so please leave links :)


Friday, 29 November 2013

Favourite Skincare Products

I've been trying to keep up with a consistent skincare routine and properly cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and night. My skin hasn't been too difficult recently, but it can be very oily on my t-zone and the oil can lead to spots, especially if I don't remove my makeup very well. There are four products in my current routine that really help keep my skin in good condition.
To remove my makeup there is nothing I can compare to Bioderma Micelle Solution (£9.99 for 250ml). Although it is meant to be for normal to dry skin types it's never caused my skin to break out like other products have in the past; it just perfectly cleanses away makeup and impurities without irritating either my skin or eyes. I do however cleanse my face after using it even though it says non-rinse, as I like to really thoroughly cleanse my skin and exfoliate most days as I wear fake tan.
I then like to spray my face with Breath of Fresh Air from Lush (£7.50 for 250g), it's fantastic for refreshing the skin, helping to lock in moisture and also tones without tightness. I either spray this on and then leave to dry before applying my serum or I apply it using a cotton wool pad to help wipe off any traces of cleanser.
Origins White Tea Skin Guardian (£34 for 30ml) is a product I bought quite a while ago but have only just started using religiously. It's an anti-ageing product that gives a smooth finish to the skin. I can't say much for how well it fights ageing (maybe check back in a few years) but it's certainly a product I really enjoy using and if it helps to prevent aging, i'm happy!
Finally I apply Vanishing Cream (£17.75) which is marketed as a 'low fat moisturiser that disappears into the skin'. It is perfect for oily/combination skin types as it gives just the right amount of hydration to combat any dryness while also being light enough that it doesn't cause the skin to become oily throughout the day. It is the best moisturiser I've tried and I have repurchased it at least five times.
What are your favourite skincare products?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Primark Tartan Dress

After seeing Lucy Watson wearing a tartan dress on Made in Chelsea a few weeks back, I was on the hunt for something similar! A friend at work suggested I run over to Primark as they had a few tartan dresses in stock, so that I did! Oh how I was excited! I rummaged through the rails for a while and to my dismay I couldn't locate it among the mounds of clothes. I was distraught. But then, in the distance, I spotted something tartan, and lo and behold, it was the dress! And there was just one in my size...result!!
The dress (I have since realised) is very popular among bloggers. It's even a hit with celebrities, as Holly Willoughby has been seen wearing it. It's a perfect winter addition to your wardrobe and of course it's cheap. The only downside is, I'm not a huge fan of the bow, so I may take that off the next time I wear it.
I have since found out that Lucy's dress is actually from Missguided with a white shirt underneath - I may have to purchase the green version!

Faux fur coat - H&M
Dress - Primark
Studded boots - Primark
Bag - Primark

See you all soon

Friday, 15 November 2013


I've made a few too many trips to Primark recently and have lots of lovely bits to show you all over the next few blogposts!
The first item is this white long sleeve quilted top. The detail is on the shoulders and is very subtle, but it adds some texture to this outfit and makes it that little bit less basic/boring. I also went for mixed metals when it came to jewellery and accessories as this gorgeous necklace from Asos (I think made by pieces) has both silver and gold detail. I bought this a couple of months ago on sale after having it in my saved basket for quite a while (don't you love when you covet something for a long time and it goes on sale!?).

Quilted white top - Primark
Black jeans - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Pieces on Asos
Quilted bag - Asos
Bracelets - Primark
Boots - EBay

I'm off work today (Yay!) so I'm heading up to see my Grandad in Essex and it's the most perfect crisp, sunny, Autumn day. I love this time of year when the sky is clear, I think it's the best time to go for long walks and clear your mind. I don't know about you, but I much prefer slightly cooler weather.

Hope you are all having a splendid day!


Friday, 1 November 2013

Casual Camouflage

I've meaning to post this outfit for the last week, but have been extremely busy preparing for something that I'm doing today. But by next Sunday I should have lots of time freed up which I'm quite excited for because I've been dying to throw myself back into blogging.
Onto the clothes...
I wore this last week when I popped to the hairdresser, so it's my typical, casual, day-off attire. My camo jacket, indigo jeans and converse are absolute staples in my wardrobe! But the fluffy white cardigan is a newbie from Primark and it's an absolute bargain at £12!

Camouflage jacket - Topshop
White fluffy cardigan - Primark
Burnout T-shirt - Primark
Indigo jeans - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Converse 

I would write a little more but my mind is a bit boggled from lack of sleep so I'm finding it very hard to write.

Speak to you in about a week

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fluffy for work

It's finally the time of year to pull out the knitwear and cosy up in layers. I always thought I was a summer person, but after working in the heat and stressing over what to wear that was semi professional this past summer, I've firmly become a lover of the cooler weather!
This fluffy knit cardigan was a purchase I made earlier on in the year from Asos, but you can find similar versions in many shops, including Primark. The dress is made by Motel and was also from Asos, but slightly more recently, so may still be available. It's a drop waist dress that doesn't entirely flatter my pear shape figure, but when worn with a longer cardigan or blazer I'm happy.


Cardigan - Asos
Dress - Motel
Necklace - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
It's my day off so I'm off to the hairdresser today to get bleached up some more and have a slight fringe put back in. Then I'll be spending the afternoon doing a bit of work, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and catching up on reality TV. Who is loving TOWIE and Made in Chelsea at the moment!? Because I am obsessed!!
Speak to you soon

Friday, 18 October 2013

Primark Jewels

Hello...Hi! Yes it's me! I shan't go on about where I've been as I'm sure you're all thoroughly bored of my excuses. I just miss blogging so much sometimes and I had to get myself on here and write!
So, I popped into Primark yesterday down on Tottenham Court Road and as is always the case, I did not leave empty handed. I'm a bit obsessed with necklaces at the moment - in particular big statement pieces that bling up the most boring of t-shirts.
So here is what I got!! Ahh look at the beautifullness...

The most expensive of the four is the limited edition necklace in the middle, but even that was only £8. Eight Pounds!!!

I shall definitely not be letting myself step into Topshop at the minute when Primark has such lovely affordable pieces to offer.

These will most certainly be featured soon in some outfit posts..I promise!

See you soon

Saturday, 16 March 2013

I'm still here...and a few favourites!

20 attempts...That's how long it took me to log into this account. Clearly I should keep a note of my passwords if I plan to be away for so long!

I've been thinking about blogging/filming again for a while now but something always gets in the way. I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I plan and plan, but if I don't feel it's going to be perfect, then I don't even want to start! But I felt I had to get on here today and blog. I've had a few e-mails asking where I am and I wanted to check in and say 'Hello!'. Most of you probably realised from the last few posts and videos that my job is the main reason that I don't post anymore. I just don't have the free time that I did when I started my blog and youtube channel.

Onto my favourites of the moment...

The Necklace

I bought this off Ebay (Lookbook Store) a couple of months ago and I am rarely seen without it. It makes any outfit look 'Wow!' and I've seen nothing like it in any high street stores.

The Cardigan

I got this on sale from River Island. It is the perfect snugly cardigan and has the most interesting design. Another thing to note is how well it washes...no bobbles in sight as of yet!

The Peplum

Peplum tops go perfect with skinny jeans and easily dress up an outfit. This one is from Topshop (£18), but if you're looking to get one for half the price head to Primark!

The Makeup

Mac Pink Swoon blush
Mac Overtime Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Afterglow Cosmetics Lip Soother in Coo (The most buttery lip balm ever...and it smells like sugary lemon cakes)

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