Monday, 16 January 2012

Toning Blonde hair: Redken Color Enhancer

If you're a blonde and you're looking for a purple toning treatment that will restore your locks and knock out brassiness, then look no further.

Redken Color Enhancer is by far my all time favourite treatment for yellow/brassy hair!

Toners such as this contain lilac/purple pigments that disguise yellow hues and make hair look refreshed as if you've just stepped out the salon.

You can buy many different kinds and they come in either a conditioning formula or a shampoo.

The main problem I've found with these products (particularly the shampoos) is that many are far too deep a colour and end up making my hair look extremely ashy/grey.

Redken Color Enhancer in Perfect Platinum is a lovely light lilac coloured cream that never leaves my hair looking ashy. Instead it looks a lovely white shade of blonde.

I try to use this at least once a week to keep my colour looking fresh and keep brassiness at bay. It may be on the slightly pricier side than some drugstore treatments, but I've not found anything that gives the same effect as this product.

If you're a blonde or have been in the past, what products have you used to keep away brassiness?


  1. I neeeed to try this! I love the Lee Stafford "Bleach Blonde" range but recently I've seen that certain highlighted strands of my hair have started turning very white/lilac so I don't want to use it so often! X

  2. This does look like a great product, but maybe a bit too high end for my budget- I use umberto giannini's brilliant blondes range at the moment and I love it! xxx

  3. I'm a brunette but I always am fascinated with purple shampoo. Thanks for sharing!

    ***** Marie *****


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