Monday, 28 November 2011

The Primark shirt and EBay Biker!

I stumbled across this faux leather biker jacket on EBay while searching for Taylor Momsen in the clothing and fashion section (I love her style!). It was a while ago now and after having a poke around on EBay this morning, I can't find the exact version but I will link you to some similar items at the bottom of this post. Or you could search for 'stud biker jacket' and see what comes up. 

On the label it says Topshop but it was sent from China and cost £ I have a feeling it's not actually from Topshop, but the quality is fantastic nevertheless.
As for the shirt...I never thought I would suit or even like a shirt in this style...
But as soon as I tried this on and buttoned it up, I was sold! This particular shirt is from Primark and cost £10, but they're available in many other shops such as Topshop.

Biker Jacket - EBay (Similar version - could only find one item and it's not that similar)
Shirt - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Jeans - Gap


  1. Again - great shirt! And can't believe the jacket was £25 (even if shipped from China)! Looks great on you. X

  2. love the outfit!

  3. u remind me so much of fearne cotton!
    (hope you see this as a compliment! i think she is a beaut!!)
    sarah x


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