Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dressing up Boots

So apparently boots worn with dresses was a 'don't' in the fashion world until recently.

Call me crazy, but I think we should all stop worrying about what's in and what's cool...it's so much more fun to be creative, play about and find a style that fits for you.

I was sat on the till today at the charity shop where I volunteer and was having a bit of a 'people watching sesh'. Charity shops have so many different types of customers come in, and the variety of style just makes me feel inspired. It's nice to see so much individuality!

Ramble over. Onto the outfit...

This dress has been in my wardrobe for years. It's made by Mina, and is the perfect Autumn/Winter dress. Not only do the colours suit the time of year perfectly, but it's also made of a thicker cotton/acrylic blend which helps to keep you warm in the cooler months. I've got a few pieces by this designer which I absolutely adore, and I would highly recommend checking them out.

I paired the dress with some biker-style boots by Blink... (Apologies for the rubbish shoe shot!)

Dress - Mina
Shorts - Topshop
Boots - Blink from Asos
Necklaces - Forever 21 and Primark
Bracelets - Gifts, Boutique in Lanzarote and Rhodes, Forever 21
Lava stone ring - Lanzarote
Double Finger Cross ring - EBay

What do you think of wearing boots with dresses?


  1. Love your outfit! I knew that was a Mina dress from the thumbnail before clicking on the link haha - I absolutely love Mina :)
    If dresses and boots were a fashion no-no then I have been breaking rules for as long as I can remember pahah! I think it looks good and it's comfy :)

  2. Babydoll dresses never get old!!! You look adorable!

  3. Love your cross ring!

  4. the dres is so sweet...i like it!

  5. I love dresses and boots! That dress is really cute, have you found any bargains in the shop you work in? I used to live in a posh area of London and loved going to the Charity shops, I think everyone else did too because I never found anything :( xx

  6. Love this outfit, and I reckon boots with dresses look great, especially if the dres is a skatery style


  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments :) xx

    Stacey - Sometimes I find things, but mostly books. We're not one of the top shops so we don't really get all the lovely designer pieces.xx

  8. Oops I've been wearing dresses and boots for ages haha! Love this dress and the boots are gorgeous xx


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