Monday, 7 November 2011

Back to basics

If you were to pick an outfit that you wear to death, what would it be?

Without a doubt, for me it would be a biker jacket, t-shirt, jeans and boots.

This jacket is from River Island and I would say it's like a mix between a blazer and a biker...the perfect leather jacket for evenings or nights out.

As for these jeans...

They're probably the most uncomfortable trousers I own! The reason for this is that they have stirrups at the bottom, which means they go lovely and skinny at the ankle, but hurt like a B! The only solution is to put long-ish socks on first...but this doesn't always work if you're doing a lot of walking!

Jacket - River Island
T-shirt - Asos
Jean Leggings (with stirrups) - Gap
Leather boots - Asos
Jewellery - Asos and Ebay
Nail polish - Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Yessssss! Whenever I think of you I always think of the biker jacket/tshirt/jeans/boots combination! It suits you so well though!! I absolutely love that jacket and your necklace and bracelet! Is it the necklace or the cuff that's from asos?

    Gem x

  2. this leather jacket look amazing..! here is our exclusive pakistani leather jackets collection check it out


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