Saturday, 5 November 2011

Addicted to Nars lip glosses!

When it comes to lipgloss, for me, no-one does it better than Nars. I've found a few contenders, in particular L'oreal's 6h Glam Shines, but on most occasions I find myself reaching for Nars.

I know they're not cheap and they haven't got the nicest scent, but the texture just can't be beat. They are by far the creamiest lip gloss I've ever used, and they never go sticky.

At the moment I own two full size glosses and four of the mini double ended glosses - which came in a set for about £30-£35.

(For those of you who love lots of pictures, this post is going to be loaded with swatches!)

Striptease, Chihuahua, Orgasm, Pillowtalk, Sandpiper, Stolen Kisses, Greek Holiday, Misbehave, All Night Long, Turkish Delight.

Striptease - Pearlized beige sheen

Chihuahua - Guava

Orgasm - Peachy pink with shimmer

Pillowtalk - Azalea pink

Sandpiper - Shimmering amber coral

Stolen Kisses - Sparkling caramel pink

Greek Holiday - Sparkling pink sand

Misbehave - Sheer cherry red with gold shimmer

All Night Long - Dusty raspberry

Turkish Delight - Pink sorbet

Looking at the swatches, it's hard to say which would be my favourite. But in terms of what I wear the most, it has to be Orgasm. It's a really flattering peachy tone that makes your lips look full and luscious!

What do you think of Nars lip glosses? Any shade suggestions?


  1. I love my turkish delight lipgloss, but I also love the look of chihuahua, so pretty :-)

  2. never tried nars (always out off my price) but maybe this should go on my christmas wishlist??? Also love love LOVE the colour of pillowtalk xxx

  3. I also never tried them. I always go for Revlon lip glosses when I am in the mood of wearing one. But for the past few years it's all about lipstick for me. I wore too much lip gloss all day, every day in high school, so until this day it's too much for me. ;) X

  4. I've actually never tried a Nars gloss (sooo behind the times clearly :p) I love these colours though particularily the cherry one :) I'm always weary of glosses because I generally end up stickign my hair to my face but these pretty colours might make me reconsider ;)


  5. i've never tried nars lipglosses but definately will soon! these are all gorgeous! xx

  6. I have orgasm and love it! Seeing this post makes me want more. Better start saving hehe.

  7. I want all of these! They all look stunning on you xxx

  8. Thanks for the pictures, I might try All Night Long.:D

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  9. I really love the shades but I find them too sheer for the price. I've only tried one and it came off within minutes :(

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